Monday, December 28, 2009

DNA Surgery

Open DNA Surgery!

Declare Psychic!

Tribute 3!

Summon RA!

Pay thirty thousand life!

But instead put one counter on Brain Exploitation Lab!

30000ATK RA!


Summon RA! Pay 7900 Life! Equip Unstable Evolution! 10300 ATK Ra!


  1. How does the 30000 ATK Ra work? It says you have to pay lifepoints until you have 1 left, so the max you can pay is 7999, and therefore assuming you tribute 3 monsters you still can't reach 30000?

  2. You're just having a blast with Ra, arent you?

  3. how can u get to 30k attack RA?
    I tot you can only pay (ur current HP-100HP)HP
    to add RA's attack,
    but u got no 30k, how can u possibly do that,
    unless u did sum loop wif colossal fighter wif rainbow life etc.

  4. Coz he use Brain Research Lab's effect mah...The life point cost thing he just put 1 counter on the Lab effect.

    coz at that time ra is considered a psychic monster by DNA surgery. so yah. You can use the effect.

    30000 life is just that he randomly decide I THINK. It could be 34348574 or 50000 or 1million all also can.

  5. Actually, you can't. >< At least not here in the U.S.

    You would be able to pay down to 100 life and put a counter on Research Lab instead. So if right off the bat it would be 7900, but you wouldn't take anything. ^^

  6. But you can't activate other effects the turn Ra is summoned. Sad

  7. @mike, but you can't get more than 7999 cos you have 8000 LP at the start (unless you increase ur LP)

  8. Hmmm then i don know wor..., why not ask Rau to enlighten us?

    Oh well its good anyway, you can destroy all other opponent monsters on the field. Your life will still be 8k and pay pay pay and put counters and destroy all monsters. Hmmm. Possible interesting OTK.

    But like the 1st anon said, you cant activate other monster, spell and trap effects when Ra is summoned. So, how is the Brain Exploitation Lab gonna work? It can work in favour of the destroying monsters effect though cause Ra has already been summoned so yeah.

  9. Read brain exploitation lab.

    Also, continuous effects are NOT negated during the God's summon. all continuous effects go. Therefore, you can use the lab. Lab doesnt form a chain link, and thus is not stopped.

    And as such, you can try to pay all your life, but instead put a counter on the lab.

  10. @Arshen: All cards are fun. You just gotta make them so.

  11. I just checked the ruling:
    "You cannot place a Psychic Counter on this card to activate an effect that you would not have enough Life Points to activate otherwise."

  12. How about: Pay 7900 and activate limiter removal while DNA is declared "Machine"?

  13. okay, lemme rephrase the question being asked here, if i'm understanding it correctly. the effect of ra says that

    "by paying Life Points UNTIL you have 100 left, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the amount of Life Points paid. "

    drawing reference to cards like "by sending cards to the graveyard" (e.g. Brionac, Celestia etc), their effects cannot be used when the cards are to be sent out of play (by Dimensional Fissure and cards like that).

    so in this case, if your Life Points do not drop to 100, does it not fulfill the condition to activate the effect?

    plus the card technically states that you gain ATK and DEF EQUAL to the Life Points PAID. so, if you do not pay any Life Points, how can you gain any ATK or DEF?

  14. Doesnt change the fact that you can simply put a counter on the lab instead of triggering his effects.

  15. No, no, no, no, no.

    Ra says: "When this card is Normal Summoned successfully, by paying Life Points until only 100 Points are left, this card gains ATK and DEF equal to the amount of Life Points paid."

    Brain Research Lab, or at least the English version of it, says: "You can also place 1 Psychic Counter on this card instead of paying Life Points to activate any Psychic-Type monster's effect that you control."

    Since you've put a counter on it INSTEAD of paying Life Points, you didn't pay life points. This is how the word 'instead' works. Since you didn't pay Life Points, Ra gets 0 ATK.

    Also, Brain Exploitation Lab has a ruling:
    "You cannot place a Psychic Counter on this card to activate an effect that you would not have enough Life Points to activate otherwise."

    So you couldn't go over your current Life Total anyway.

  16. What I understand is that Brain Exploitation Lab does not work this way. As you would pay LP and put a counter on the Lab, you are unsure about how much LP you have paid as your LP has not actually gone down, so Ra does not gain its ATK