Wednesday, December 2, 2009

United We Stand

I think Whirlwind BF decks ought to run United We Stand

Doesnt it work right into the strategy, combat advantage and swarming?


  1. Equip spells which just focus on attack boosts are just not popular anymore... IMO people prefer to focus that card slot for something less beatdown and something which allows them to counterattack should they face a surprise threat.

  2. I would wager that it's not a matter of popularity being the be all and end all - the above post is correct about how smart folks will prefer to focus on what wins them more games, and how metagaming is an invariable part of this.

    The point to remember is that UWS will be used when metagaming asks for it to be; there are situations where it would have, at times, been used for that purpose - UWS, by changing stats, has a few purposes; changing what can kill you by battle, changing what you can kill by battle, changing how much battle damage you inflict, and changing how much battle damage you take.

    All things considered, it's not all that potent a choice because damage mitigation is handled in superior ways by other cards, and most stuff we run nowadays isn't stuff where we're all THAT concerned with it dying in battle often. Our monsters are already pretty tall; we don't need them to be much taller, since most of the time they'll simply leave the game outside of battle.

    UWS doesn't do anything for us that isn't already done sufficiently by other things; it doesn't excel at anything we are concerned about.

    It's also notable that we need no more dead singlecards.