Sunday, December 27, 2009

Latest Craze: Full Monster

There are many decks around the world that use little backrow, with almost no cards set during the game.

But what about absolutely none?

What about ZERO Spells and ZERO Traps?

Yes, I am talking about All Monster decks.

Commonly known as "Silk and Milk", the deck capitalizes on the fact that most decks pack counters and destruction for your traps and spells.

While it might not seem so good on paper, it effectively locks other cards, such as Gorz and Treeborn Frog, indirectly.

Recently, all monster decks have become a ridiculous craze in Japan.

Of these decks, some variants have become much more successful. Namely, the all dark build, known as Chocolate Milk and Brown Silk, or similar wording.

So, what monsters should we put?

There are 40 card slots, all of which will be used by monsters.

Even so, some cards are much more oriented than others for this decktype.

The most important condition is self special summoning.

Since you are only runing monsters, it is important that the one normal summon be not the only summon you have.

Cards that special summon themselves include Gorz and Tragoedia, as well as Battle Fader, all of which come from your hand on the opponents turn, but also monsters such as Dragon Ice and Phantom Dragon.

Other examples are cards that are special summonable based on the opponents field, such as Cyber Dragon and Alector, and the Fiend Gigacyber.

Not to be ignored are monsters such as Chaos Sorcerer and Dark Simorgh, powerful monster which special summon themselves.

Monsters also in this category are monsters such as Slipheed and Inferno, which are summoned by removing your owwn monsters in your graveyard. Gigantes especially gives you the much needed backrow removal.

The Dark Counterpart monsters are also good examples of cards to be used, but not all of them.

While The Dark Creator and Dark Nephtys, as well as Dark Grepher are great examples of good cards to use.

However, Dark Armed Dragon and Rainbow Dark Dragon are not. Whilst Dark Armed Dragon might be a good choice on paper, the deck lacks good maintenance of the dark monsters in the graveyard, and as such, the difficulty of getting Dark Armed Dragon while your graveyard has exactly three dark monsters is heightened.

Also, since you have many hand cards, it is not uncommon to use cards that allow you to discard cards from your hand.

Since this deck also runs many cards that trigger in the graveyard, it is possible to run many cards like this.

Examples include Snipe Staker, The Tricky for destruction and Special Summoning, but also revival such as Lightsworn Summoner Lumina and Zombie Master, or salvage through Herald of the Creator.

Other cards that might be used less often(but more in the DARK version), would be Dark Crusader.

Magoushin Beast Cerebral and Ganesha must also be considered, as they allow you to supplant the advantage "lost" through discarding.

Discard isnt limited to monsters that have to be on the field. By using cards such as D.D. Crow and the Heralds of Light, you can play some disruption on the opponents turn.

Destruction of opponents cards come from all manner of sources.

Magoushin Beast Cathy comes to mind when destruction is needed, but other choices such as Lightsworn Puppy Ryko or Lightsworn Sorceress Lyla can be used.

Destruction must come from all manner of sources. Thus, cards such as Grave Squirmer and Gigantes, which trigger when your monster is destroyed by battle can be used.

Mobius the Frost Monarch, as well as other monarchs can be used as well.

Other cards that capitalize off of all monsters such as Dimensional Alchemist and Black Rose Witch should also be considered.

The latter of which allows you to draw 1 per summon.

Another important thing to consider are where cards trigger.

If cards are triggered away from the field, they give you significant advantage without eating your summons.

Examples include Necro Gardna, Vayu, D-Hero Dasher and Treeborn frog or Plaguespreader Zombie, which work in the graveyard(or need to be there to work)

Other choices include Kalut and Honest, which are triggered in their hand.

Lesser choices include Level Stealers, or Cross Porters.

Cards that allow not only swarming and special summoning but give even more advantage are by far, the most used choices.

Black Feather Dragon, The Dark Creator, and Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon are the top three examples, but there are many more.

Need I point out that many Blackwings tend to also fufill many of the above criteria?

Many all DARK all monster decks run many blackwings, because of how well they work together, and the sheer amount of synergy with themselves and other monsters, with no other spells or traps to help.

Also usable are Jinzo and Jinzo Returner, due to its synergy with aforementioned Grepher, in the full dark variant. Negating more traps only helps the deck.

Of all the full single type all monster decks, DARK is by far, the best, due to how it capitalizes off the graveyard.

There are, however, many cards to NOT choose.

Vice Dragon. While being special summonable by itself, is in fact, a bad card choice, due ot its lack of ATK points.

In all monster decks, it is important to be able to destroy monsters by battle, somehting low ATK doesnt allow.

Anti-Meta Cards, such as Banisher of the Light, or Kycoo, shouldnt have space wasted on them, since they lack the backing of the backrow that comes well in Anti-Meta.

Raiou is a choice that may be chosen, due to its high ATK points, and it functioning as a beatstick, something very imporant for the deck.


Just dont. 1400 or less ATK, regardless of what advantage it gives you, doesnt help.

That more or less concludes the guide for building an all monster deck.

I look forward to seeing some All monster decks being posted all around the internet.

The DARK variant and Simorgh based ones are good.


  1. I have some.

    During the Era of AKB, I said that Cold Wave is too serious and so when I saw someone asked "How do I make a deck that is not afraid of Cold Wave", I answered: just play no Spells and Traps. Hell lots of people laughed at me until I really made one.

    Now one of them is Lightlord Dragon. You know what it consists of.

    The other one is with Lonefire, Debris, and mainly focuses with Dark and Wind.

    and btw, Dimension Chemistry is always a +1, and Stargazing Beast Garis is a tribute fodder.

  2. I'm pretty sure recruiters could be a help, and they're <=1400...

    How are you getting Blackfeather Dragon's effect?

  3. Many all DARK all monster decks run many blackwings - yeah Gale especially - i hardly see one dark deck go without either having Gale or PSZ in it...

    however a full monster deck is possible - before the 60 card max limit came in place i was using a tower of power deck - 60 monsters - mainly recruiters and stall def cards amongst others making sure my opponent ended up decking out before me ...

    anyway by far the most interesting article u've posted on here Rauzes,

    keep up the good work


  4. wad is the black feather dragon effect?
    from ur post, u seemed to know it?

  5. Please post some Dark Simorgh Builds of an All Monster Deck Rauze Please.

    I would like to see some Chocolate Milk and Brown Silk Deck Lists...