Monday, December 14, 2009

Mirror Match Choices: Dimension Eatos

In the mirror, it is often hard to side into cards efficient against the enemy without being destroyed yourself.

Today, I will be introducing a side deck choice to use against Dimension Eatos, but particularily effective in the mirror.

Is that?

Yes. Its THAT card that we all thought "Oh wow what crap, a -3 At least waiting to happen", then threw away or hid somewhere in the bottom of our common boxes.

Dimensional Eatos keeps Big monsters backed with Skill Drain and Macro(/Fissure in some builds) to play an anti-meta style beatdown.

But by looking at their monster lineup, it becomes clear that

This guy clearly is usable.

But what about advantage?

Lets see:

-1 Super Polymerization
-1 Cost
+2 Fusion Materials ( Alius + Stratos, Crusader, etc)
+1 The Shining on your field

Ending with a +1 In the end.

But wait! They have Gemini Spark to turn the tables against you and change your +1 into a -3!

Not to mention Oppression, just waiting to negate it, and cant be touched because of their Oh-So-Troublesome Starlight Road!

Nothing can be chained in response to the activation of Super Polymerization. Super Polymerization has a rule effect that states so, the first of its kind(Obelisk Says 'Sup)

Whilst simply getting rid of some of their weaker monsters for some advantage might seem so-so, you are forgetting about Gemini Spark.

Dimension Eatos players tend to play their Gemini's quite leniently, since they are backed by Gemini Spark for sacrifice escape.

Meaning if you hit an Alius + Crusader of Endymion, you are possibly forcing two more of their cards into worthlessness temporarily, maybe forever, since they usually only run 5 Gemini's total, and zero recursion for them.

The big beater that is The Shining may be taken down easily, but at least it gives you enough swing in momentum to hopefully give you time to set up your opponent for doom.

What really makes this a good card in the mirror is being able to use your own monsters, possibly for game.

Lets not forget that its a Quick Play.

Thats all for today.

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