Thursday, December 10, 2009

Game Enders: The Dark Creator

Hello everyone.

Today, I will be discussing some things about The Dark Creator, and what allows it to be a game ender, but also whats keeping it from doing so.

This will be one of a few articles on "Game Enders" that arent used quite as often as the obvious ones (DAD, DSF, JD, Gyzarus, etc)

Lets take a good look at its stats before anything.

While 2300 ATK isnt something thats going to make a big impact, it DOES hurt when it comes in the form of direct damage.

His 3000 DEF is a stat to behold. Whilst most monsters dont usually care about their defense in the "Game Ender" class, since theyre usually supposed to do exactly what they say, end game; The Dark Creator benefits from having something to keep him around for a couple turns, should the swing for game get ugly.

8 Stars and DARK. Trade In, Allure, Grepher Food, Armageddon knight dump target, we all know the drill.
Use Allure to Draw, Grepher to load up graveyard, Drop Creator, Go Crazy.
Might I also note that many more game enders tend to be Dark and of High level?

Any support for this bit you EVER going to use?

Its effect:

Remove from play 1 Dark Monster to special summon 1 Dark monster from your graveyard.

Once a turn.

Nomi. Meaning Only from Hand.
Have 5 or more dark monsters in your graveyard, and a field empty of monsters.

Note that in its summoning condition, it doesnt note that the enemy has to have Anything at all.

And we all know what that means ;)

So, what makes THIS monster a Game Ender?

A game ender does one or more of the following, often some better than the others:

Paves a way for a massive swing
Puts some huge damage on the field
Ensures the enemy has no way of fighting back
Secures your special victory(very rare)
Gives you great presence on the field.

Like I stated before, most "Game Ender" class monsters tend not to care about their own future.

What makes The Dark Creator a great Game Ender is his ability to Single Handedly spring HUGE damage as well as Great Presence out of nowhere.

Its effect is complementary to its Special Summoning Requirements, that it not only requires you to have space to summon something from thin air, but it also requires you to have something(preferably of equal status or Boss monster status) to summon.

Assuming you summon something of around 2500-3000 ATK from your graveyard, That puts, with one card from your hand and no other effort, upwards 5000 Direct damage in the form of two big beaters.

5000 Damage is huge. 5000 Damage is a problem. And most of all, 5000 Damage is game if they have used solemn.

This is before even taking into account the summoned monster's effect.
By reviving monsters such as Darklord Zerato, you can use his effect to wipe out the enemy field, and try to go for game.

What really makes The Dark Creator a high class Game Ender is that each individual Dark Creator play doesnt hold much value for yourself.

In a deck that runs Dark Creator as support for the theme, enough cards are devoted to salvage and draw that losing one The Dark Creator simply means you have to draw into one or salvage it.
But In that deck, it has to be noted that there are many MANY more boss monsters and game enders. Losing one means you just gotta use a different one. Assuming they got rid of all the momentum you gained last turn.

In a Dark Creator centric deck, not only do you run three, but you run enough recursion for the big guy that your aim is to drop them so often, the enemy cant keep up with the constant hammering of 2000+ Attack monsters.

Long story short, The Dark Creator bears such a low value for yourself most of the time that it is not uncommon for people to summon it, line up some firepower, hammer the enemy, and not care if it dies.
Your dropping some big firepower to let the enemy waste some cards on, while paving the way for better cards to come. Why not?

From Game Ender to Game Over:

The main problem with a Black Rose Dragon followed by The Dark Creator summoning something is Gorz.

Gorz, Tragoedia, and now Battle Fader and Bloody Eyed Ogre all have the ability to mess up your big swings. Heck, some decks use ALL of them.

So, how do you get game?

The answer lies with the monster you choose to summon.

Whilst the obvious choice would be something to stop special summoning like Vanity Fiend, those kind of monsters tend to not have quite enough firepower to give game.

However, there are ways to get there.

If we summon something like Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon or Fallen Angel Superbia, it allows you to line up even more firepower.

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon summoning Core Chimail Drago or Superbia into Christia will both prevent the messy Gorz/Tragoedia/Battle Fader plays, while providing enough damage for game.

Especially in the latter, where even if your play got messed up somehow, and your field wiped the next, you simply need to get back your Dark Creator to re-do it all over again.

Thats all for today.

Coming soon: Boss Monsters VS Game Enders: Whats the Difference?


  1. god i remember when everybody told me to not run dark creator in blackwings then i pull of the dsf otk combo.

  2. But it's not a nomi? It's special summon only? :P

    But yeah, good card nonetheless.


  3. Excuse me but Dark Creator is a semi-nomi, not a nomi.

    That means there's always a possibility to drop 3 Dark Creators in a turn omfg

    When PTDN first comes out, I start playing Yugioh. Before that I have already heard of the age of Chaos Emperor Dragon, or later, 3 Airmen. Then I looked at PTDN's list. What I noticed is DAD is damn broken: even worse than Chaos Sorceror just banned at that time. The next cards I have good ratings are Cyber Vary and next: Dark Creator. Basically free 2300 Beatstick plus a Graveyard revival is broken especially with DiscGuy and DMoC at the time.

  4. I've always liked Dark Creator, since he doesn't need to have exactly 5 monsters to special summon. I have a friend who would sometimes pull off a Dark Creator -> Special summon Dark -> DAD combo and swing for game. He's an overlooked card, but he's still good, and I'm glad they put him in the TCG RGBT SE packs alongside Allure. I'm considering teching Dark Creator in my Zombies, but I have to check my Dark count, first.