Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rex Godwin's cards

We all know ABPF will bring with it Godwin's cards he used to line up the Sun dragon and Moon dragon in one turn.

Undoubtedly, this will lead to many people hyping these, and saying how they allow for synchro summon much easier.

But, if you put thought to it, they arent so good.

You use two cards to synchro summon a synchro monster, great.

All of the combo parts find each other. Great

The tuners can be used for every synchro monster. Great.

But what you dont see is that you are going to be eating up 3-4 cards a turn to summon these monsters, and ultimately they wont be on the field for long, especially in this format.

Yes, the sun and moon fetch each other. But one BTH and your whole game is gone.

Looking at the top tier decks recently, none of these are synchro based any longer.

Even if these cards give you easy access to synchro summons of a wide variety, ultimately the deck as a whole will not even make tier 2.


  1. Well, I am only interested in that Holy Light in ABPF
    It basically wrecks BFs and Zombies

  2. Boltizar
    -I'm not sure it'll see much hype with the conditions for the both of them.
    One Hundred Eye Dragon has less of a requirement and a decent effect by itself, but it got so much criticism for the slight requirement.

  3. The only good use I see is, if you have one Inti on the field or in the Graveyard, performing a LV6 Synchro still has a use even if your opponent has Black Shining G in the Graveyard.

    This doesn't make a lot of difference the other way around, because if you can summon Inti, you can summon Stardust Dragon.

    How often can you summon a LV6 Synchro while you have a LV8 Synchro in the Graveyard/field and your opponent a Black Shining G in the Graveyard? Not too often.

  4. D.D. Crow kills the whole combo. Period.