Friday, October 16, 2009

Cheating: Acknowledged by Konami?

Everyone knows that cheating happens, and knows how it goes punished.

But how about Konami?

It seems that they are aware of how rampant cheating in the game is.

In fact, to a point where they even have the protagonists of the show cheating, on air.

Examples off the top of my head/the only ones I know of are Yusei changing his set cards around during his duel against the Prison Warden, and Jyuudai activating a trap the turn it was set in the manga, but there is a page out there which lists all the instances of the protagonists, as well as antagonists, cheating.

You will be suprised as to how much the people in the show cheat, if you really pay attention.

Any other examples you readers know of?

Why I havent been posting for a few days is something people who give a damn can ask me about. I wont bother you here.


  1. Well, pretty much the first season to be honest. Summoning without tribute, destroying spell cards with monster card, etc.

  2. What was the page that lists all of the instances of cheating? I'm interested.

  3. For a moment, I thought this was about stacking during Shonen Jumps. >_>

  4. Yugi played Brain Control.. the Damage Step take a monster from his opponent's Graveyard

  5. Jeff Jones had this great post about how the show encouraged cheating in real life.

    Mai using perfume to read her cards.
    Bandit Keith slipping cards through his sleeves.

  6. Most Obvious one.

    Battle Phase End

    "MY TURN! DRAW!"

    Umm I wasn't done...