Friday, October 23, 2009

Duel Puzzle #10!!

Wow. Its been 10 Duel Puzzles already!

Life: 1500
Deck: 35(Topdeck is Dark Armed Dragon. When you shuffle your deck, this will change.)
Hand: Armageddon Knight, Blackwing - Gale the Hurricane, Giant Trunade, Dual Summon.
Field: Facedown Des Koala, Face Up DEF Summoner Monk.
Graveyard: Rose, the Warrior of Revenge
Extra: 15.

Life: 5400
Deck: 34
Field: Face up DEF Gellenduo, set Bottomless Trap Hole, Bottomless Trap Hole, Solemn Judgment, Dark Bribe, Mirror Force.
Hand: None
Graveyard: Banisher of the Light
RFP: None

It is currently the standby phase of your turn. Defeat your opponent this turn. Standard Duel Puzzle conditions apply, unless otherwise stated.


  1. in my standby phase got "Heavy Storm" from my Gold Sarcophagus effect
    Activate Giant Trunade, enemy Activate Dark Bribe
    Draw Dark Armed Dragon from Dark Bribe Effect
    Activate Heavy Storm, enemy Activate Solemn Judgment
    Enemy 2700
    Summon Armaggedon Knight Send some random Dark Monster
    Activate Dual Summon
    Summon BW Gale, tune with Armageddon Knight
    Synchro summon Black Rose Dragon, Blow everything.
    special Summon Dark Armed Dragon, Attack for Game
    Sorry for my english im from mexico. i dont know if it is valid using gold sarcophagus effect, RFP wasnt stated. bye

  2. #1 Activate Monk - Discarding Double summon to SS armageddon knight from the deck - the knight sends Jinzo to the graveyard.
    #2 Normal summon Armageddon knight - Sending jinzo returner to the grave - SS jinzo
    #3 Activate Giant trunade
    #4 Flip Des Koala - Gellundo dies due to its own effect.
    #5 attack for game

  3. Fix for my method:
    Normal summon Armageddon first then SS with Monk.
    If he solomens the armageddon knigh I just use trunade to draw DaD and then use use Monks effect to summon fremvell magical and SS for Black Rose Dragon.
    Then SS Dad and attack for game.

  4. No gold sarco. It wasnt activated, nor wasnt stated, thus, not a valid card

  5. ok ok ok i got it this time

    i think i win....
    do i get a lollypop?

    play duel summon (if they bribe look at B) summon gale.
    ditch trunade with monk for AK dump jinzo.
    synchro gale and AK for BRD blow field (they solemn and lose gellenduo).
    normal the other AK dump jinzo returner.
    use returners effect they cant solemn (i think )
    get jinzo
    flip des koala
    attack with all.

    play duel summon they bribe u draw dad
    play giant trunade they solemn losing gellenduo (if they dont solemn see C).
    summon ak night dump mali
    turn summoner monk into attack
    flip des koala.
    use mail effect attack for 4100 (enough after solemn)

    play duel summon they bribe u draw dad.
    play giant trunade it goes through.
    summon ak night dump mali
    turn summoner monk into attack
    flip des koala killing gellenduo.
    use mail effect attack for 4100 (enough after solemn)

  6. Re: kye

    B: Solemn does not make Gellenduo die.


    C: Trunade not Solemned, life still at 5000, 4100 not enough

  7. Path A

    1)Summon Armageddon Knight (If Solemn Path B) pitch Jinzo.
    2)Discard Dual Summon for Summoner Monk to get Armageddon Knight which Pitches Jinzo returner which Special Summons Jinzo.
    3)Activate Giant Trunade.
    4)Flip Des Koala dealing 2000 damage, swicth Summoner Monk to Attack position. Gellenduo dies.
    5)Attack for 4100 damage for game.

    Path B.

    1)Summon Armageddon Knight and Opponent Solemns. His life is now 2700.
    2)Activate Giant Trunade, (If Bribe go Path C)
    3)Flip Des Koala doing 1600 damage and killing Gellenduo.
    4) Attack for game.

    Path C.

    1)Summon Armageddon Knight and Oppoenent Solemns, his life is now 2700.
    2)Play Gaint Trunade and Opponent Dark Bribes you Draw Dark Armed Dragon.
    3)Flip Des Koala doing 0 damage and Gellenduo lives.
    4)Pitch dual summon with Summoner monk to get Debris Dragon! Yay.
    5)Synch Debris dragon and Des Koala to get Black Rose Dragon and nuke the field. (Bottomless should be chained but does not make a difference so no path D)
    6)Armageddon Knight, Des Koala, Summoner monk are in grave and you special summon Dark Armed Dragon to attack for game.

    Turbo Jinzo returner/des koala/Debris build ftw.

  8. B fliping the Des koala kills the gellenduo.
    C: trunade goes through putting them on 3 cih and burning for 1200

  9. A

    Summon AK(If Solemn go to B) Pitch Jinzo
    Discard Dual Summon For another Armageddon Knight Pitch Jinzo Returner
    Play Giant Trunade after Jinzo is Special Summoned
    Flip Des Koala brun for 1600 and kill gellenduo
    Attack For game


    Normal Summon AK get solemned
    Play Giant Trunade, (If Dark Bribe go to C)
    Flip Des Koala for 1200 damage
    pitch dual summon get lv4 monster
    Attack for game


    Normal Summon AK get solemned
    Play Giant Trunade, get bribed
    Draw DAD
    Pitch Dual Summon for Debris Dragon (YAY)
    Flip Des Koala
    Synch for BRD and go boom
    Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon and Attack for game

    now do i win?

  10. Isn't that exactly what I had already posted?