Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dark Valkyria Beat

Most people already know of Bahamut84's Another Neos Beat.

But I ask you, Why limit yourself to only abusing Gemini Spark with Another Neos?

I present to you the next step in Gemini Beatdown, Dark Valkyria Beat.

Yes, it is a step towards the DARK side, but DARK ARMED DRAGON IS FUN.

I present to you, Dark Valkyria Beatdown.

Dark Valkyria Beat/ダーク・ヴァルキリー・ビート


3 Dark Valkyria/ダーク・ヴァルキュリア
2 Phoedlyser/フェデライザー
2 Crusader of Endymion/クルセーダー・オブ・エンディミオン
3 Breaker the Magical Warrior/魔道戦士ブレイカー
1 Dark Armed Dragon/ダーク・アームド・ドラゴン
1 Summon Priest/召還層サモンプリースト
1 Blazewing Butterfly/炎妖蝶ウイルプス
1 Blackwing Gale the Hurricane/BF-疾風のゲイル
1 Plaguespreader Zombie/ゾンビ・キャリア
1 Sangan/クリッター
1 The Dark Creator/ダーク・クリエィター

3 Supervis/スペルヴィス
3 Gemini Spark/デュアル・スパーク
3 Shrink/収縮
2 Allure of Darkness/闇の誘惑
1 Heavy Storm/大嵐
1 Mystical Space Typhoon/サイクロン

1 Solemn Judgement/紙の宣告
2 Victims Counter/ヴィクティムズ・カウンター
2 Escape from the Dark Dimension/闇次元からの解放
1 Call of the Haunted/リビングデッドの呼び声
1 Torrential Tribute/激流葬
1 Mirror Force/聖なるバリアーミラーフォースー
2 Birthright/正統なる血統

As you can already see, the whole point of this deck is tho absolutely abuse Dark Valkyria.

Why is Summon Priest in? For Dark Valkyria.

Why is Gemini Spark in? For Dark Valkyria.

Why is Crusader of Endymion in? For Dark Valkyria.

Victim's counter? For Dark Valkyria.

All the deck is to support abusing Valkyria's effect, so various ways can be used to take advantage of this.

Some hidden comboes:

Summon Limiter + Supervis. Summon Limiter does NOT count your re-summoning of the Gemini as one of the two summons. The special summon, obviously yes.

Dark Valkyria's effect allows it to put ONE counter on itself ONCE. It does NOT happen necessarily at Summoning. Allowing you to MST that GB's War Chariot, if they try to open that on you.

Dark Valkyria is one of the cards that does NOT have a limit on the number of Spell Counters it may have. Most of the time it will be one. Crusader of Endymion gives it more.

Dark Valkyria does NOT have a "Only once per turn" clause on the destruction effect. Meaning if you have many spell counters, you can go crazy and wipe the enemy field clean.

Any questions can be asked in the comments section.

Yes, this is legal for you Asia Tournament people who are absolutely desperate to use Gemini Spark.

@Bahamut 84:
Yo Baha84, Im real happy for your Another Neos Beat and Imma let you finish, but my Dark Valkyria Beat is the best Gemini Spark based deck of all time! OF! ALL! TIME!

Yes, I just used up my once only valid obligatory Kanye West Meme. You will no longer see any more of them.


  1. Looks fun! I'm going to try this after Warrior's Strike comes out in the TCG! :D

  2. 1. What is limiter?
    2. Victim Counter does not have an S
    3. Is Valhalla needed?

  3. Jacky: Featherizer.