Friday, October 9, 2009

Gozen Match + Rivalry of the Warlords

These two make such a powerful lock, but are hard to draw into and play while using...

But there are a few decktypes that can use it well, because all are the same Attribute and Type.

I believe that this combo should see much more play.


  1. I think of frogs... harpies too.. but does this really work?

  2. It is hard to keep on the board. As well, if you run into a blackwing match up things just kinda go to hell. It may be a viable transition side board idea, but currently too many match ups are losing ones. (Glad Beast, blackwing are almost auto pointless to be running it against. Stun can get away with using their one monster.)

  3. No, it wrecks GBs because they cant swap out, because at the time of activation, or trying to activate, before returning, these cards stop it from going through(of course, with those Esquete-Beastiari differences)

  4. Only in ocg, in tcg we ruled the other way lol. Yeah I know its stupid, I argued it for awhile when I ran rivalry dad...gave them translated filed of konami faw but here in can swap for a different type. Also you can tribute for a different type.

  5. How do these cards stop Attribute/Types if the ruling is stated you can get another Attribute/Type by removing the 1 card you have on the field.

    Example: Playing a Monarch Deck, you activate these cards. They SS Treeborn to field, Sac for any Monarch since it does not matter for Gozen/Rivalry as the only card on field is fitting the bill. Same for Glad Beast since they can Contact with Face Down to pop the cards with Gyz unless the ruling is different in OCG than TCG.

    Just curious. Wish it was viable but it has failed me in the past because the ruling states you can get rid of faceup monster and get another different type/attribute since the tribute/return is no longer being affected on the field.

  6. So I am here to repeat the rulings again
    For GB:
    When Gozen Match is face-up on the field, after a Murmillo battles, at the end of Battle Phase
    1. IF YOU HAVE A WATER-ATTRIBUTE GB IN YOUR DECK you can activate Murmillo's effect to bring out ANY GB monsters, including Laquari or GB with different attribute.
    2. IF YOU DO NOTHAVE A WATER-ATTRIBUTE GB IN YOUR DECK, you cannot activate Murmillo's effect

    So basically if you are afraid of Gozen Match, run a Retiari and do not tag out for Laquari

  7. Mmm, idk. Guess i'd have to see it in action. Seems ok, but easy enough to get around:
    - As has been said, blackwings don't really care. Also, they have Icarus Attack to break the lock instantly.
    - Zombies can work around it easily enough, they're supposed to play defensive/controlling until they can eliminate Backrow->Brionac->OtK or the like.
    - I know this is said for every s/t barring LIM/Skill Drain... but they have Lyla. If they draw decently, lumina->lyla + protection isn't out of the question...
    - Dark Synchro could have a little trouble at first, but with those 5 draw 2 cards, Heavy/Trunade/MST aren't as far away as they are for others.
    -GB seems like it would die in the OC, but TCG Gbs have no problem thanks to silly ruling differences...