Friday, October 23, 2009


Konami is sneaking all this support in every set to support these guys,

but they arent covering their weakness, the field spells.

If you want to play Earthbounds competetively, you need better field spells.


  1. You mean, they need Hardened Armed Dragon

  2. as posted in my recent article - the main field spell i use is Mausoleam of the Emperor And or a Legendary Ocean but in general i do agree that they need better field spells or cards which can bypass the must have field spell card rule .... zombie world is another option but apart from that - they're are very few field spells which support the earthbounds ... sad rewally - they have the same if not more support than the buster onsters and yet are hardly playable.. sad

  3. Which results in almost everyone using Masoleum of the Emperor cause it's closest to the best.

  4. Field cards and Equip cards still are lacking in this game even though they come in each set and have been getting better.

    I think it is the fear of topdecking a Field/Equip that has no way of fending off obliteration that has many people afraid to use them in other decks. When it comes to Earthbounds, they are NEEDED and yet there has not been any that help the Earthbound player/monster out yet.

  5. Boltizar
    -Rainbow Ruins covers most of its own weaknesses and allows negation.
    Plus it's the field in Turtle Hurdle.

    The deck is slow but I've had the combo out before (Chacu Challhua, Emerald Tortoise, C Beast as monsters, 3+ C Beasts in backfield).
    It's not very practical, but once it's out, it's out.

  6. I agree. Earthbound Gods require a field spell that both supports them and the field spell needs an effect that allows it to protect itself.

    Something like Magical City of Endymion...

  7. Without a field spell that can protect itself, Earthbound Gods are weak, simply aim for the field spell and Earthbound Gods are done for.

  8. I suppose i'll have to disagree with Rauzes comment's they have cards that support them, Hardened Armed Dragon can help with the field spell shortage as can Field Barrier and even Magical Citadel of Endymion can support them... Obv they would each need to be put into seperate decks to each run correctly, but wouldn't that be what the Jibakushin's were made for... Anyway, the experienced duelists would be able to bypass all thier weakness's and finish the opponent before they do draw a Mystical Space Typhoon or... a Heavy.

  9. Something like this might work.
    Palace of the Gods.
    If you control an Earthbound God monster you can pay 1000 lifepoints to negate and destroy any card or effect that would remove this card from the field (except for another field spell.) Any Earthbound God monster you control can no longer attack directly. Once per turn during your standby phase if you control an Earthbound God monster you can draw a card.