Friday, October 16, 2009

Collosal Fighter Assault Mode

In case you havent realized, if you bottomless trap hole him, you CANNOT revive Collosal Fighter.

Talk about useless.


  1. Plus it is always funny to have a Collos that is bigger than the Assault Mode version because there are Warriors in Collos graveyard and on the field.

    Not one of my fave cards to play (Assault Mode)but gotta love that Warrior Secret Rare card.

  2. urdoinitwrong

    Summon Colossal Fighter, opp responds with BTH, chain Assault Mode Activate to dodge.

  3. Boltizar
    -How do you think we felt in the TCG?
    "Ooh Black Feathers, DarK Dive Bomber. This promo is going to be great!"
    How wrong we were.

  4. Hello Rauzes, i'm brazilian my english is a shit ._., but.. i have a debris and junk deck too, it's a really cool and fun deck.

    Falowz(bye in portuguese)

  5. @Derek, that is true. If your Collosal buster gets BTH'd, your doing it wrong.