Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween Tournament, make your locals one!

Well, since Halloween is coming up this month...

You might say its a little early to say so, but I feel that enough time should be given to let people prepare/tell their friends.

The thing is, since Halloween is on Saturday this year, and locals are usually on Saturday, why not lump both together for some extra fun?

Heres the concept:

On halloweeen day, a tournament will be held(on any scale is fine. Just do it.), where all/most contestants must be in costume.

I'm goanna leave "costume" undefined, so you can be cos playing as Yuusei, saying RAWR I AM DRACULA, or pretending to be Bahamut84, for all I care.

Even if not everyone agrees, the point is to have fun and enjoy playing on Halloween Day.

And someone must be nice and supply Candy for consolation prizes!

Of course, regular prize Gold Series Box/3X SOVR box/whatever you guys use as prizes is normal.

So what do you think?
WTF Fail? OMG MUST DO? Sure why not? I suggest these intelligent changes to make it a better experience overall?


  1. nice idea - already existent in some tourny shops in the UK Rauzes, for instance my locals has already announced a halloween and christmas theme tourney event.

    so yeah i'll dress up wearing a leather corset and being led around on a leash by my girlfriend, who is cosplaying as Rin Asougi.

    either that or i'm dressing up as Rorschach (from the Watchmen Comic / Film) or a very hairy Werewolf... ooh the possibilities of dress up duelling and later scaring little kids out of their wits.


  2. Cosplaying Baha is simple! Just get very excited whenever you're gonna draw additional cards for advantage!

  3. lolBaha - btw Rauzes what r u dressing up as yourself?



  4. I dunno. Depends on what I feel like dressing up as and which tourney I'm going to.

  5. Hmmm cosing as baha.1 important to rmb.when cosing as baha,when someone try to play a card or summon monster and u have something to counter it.RMB to say 'NO!!!!!, F*** OFF!'that should more or less kinda like him I say

  6. Boltizar
    -Hope I can go in costume. Even if I'm the only one.
    And since I'm in the United States, Halloween is also the first day of the SOVR sneak preview.
    Sugary snacks and a sweet new pack, I may get adult onset diabetes.

    Mr. Rauzes, if you do go in costume, can you post pics?

  7. You should go as Kira and keep track of the duel with a Death Note.

    Then in everyduel you should ask the name of your opponent :D

  8. I just wanna go as a Safeway employee. >_>

  9. Me and My team were already going to cosplay duel for the duel around halloween it would be epic to have everyone else do it too.

  10. Nice idea, I could see Zombies being a great deck choice XD

  11. I wonder how many people would play Zombies >_>

  12. well i'll be one of them - cant have a halloween duel without a halloween duellist without a zombie deck - its ygo tradition...

  13. but as Boltizar said - Rauzes if you do decide to dress up - you gonna post pics on here or not?

  14. Wonder how to dress up as Tragoedia lol!