Sunday, October 4, 2009

Magical Android: Why isnt it being used?

Magical Android is one of the first Synchro monsters to be released, alongside Stardust Dragon, etc.

Yes, it is overshadowed by Catastor, but what people do not usually notice is that it by itself makes 3000 life advantage.

While Catastor does eat everything sans Zombie Synchro alive, Magical Android clears the 2200 line, allowing it to kill things like Arms Wing and Brionac.

In light beatdown decks, especially, or LS, Android can also call upon Honest.

Level 5 may be hard to come by in the top decks of the format, but shouldnt we clear a slot in the extra for this monster?


  1. Catastor is yet to be legal in the TCG, but Android is played currently, and will likely remain to be played after it's release.

    Like you said, it gives important toolboxed access to a lv5 that can take down anything shy of 2400, and for certain decks, is a light for honest. On top of that though, it's fuel for sorc, a beatstick that GB can't chariot until end phase (by which time, their GB monster will have been destroyed, making it dead anyway). In EOMP, bringing this guy out can win a match on it's own

    Like similar synchros, (Tempest Magician, Mist Wurm), it won't be brought out much, but when it is, games will likely be won because it's there.

    The only problem is that having double catastor in extra is useful too, and there isn't room to play 2 Cata 1 Android. Deciding on your lineup depends on what the deck's synchro access is like, and how much trouble it has with various decktypes.

  2. Im TCG so i run Android I plan to remove a 2nd RDA when i do get Castor, it helps vs any random burn decks you might meet and also nice as a random honest target since people tend to forget the attribute of it a lot.

  3. catastor is legal in tcg.....

    anyways,, i use magical andriod a lot, more then catastor unless I'm dueling lightsworns. Maybe the reason it isn't used too much is because you barely see it on the net and everyone puts catastor in their deck list?

  4. simple answer, lack of extra deck space. We have at least 15 solid synchro's at this point(at least in the OCG, TCG still needs a few of them). So really is is hard to make space, especially if you need to run 2 of 1 of them(Like Stardust in some builds or Arcanite Magician in others, Chain Dragon in TCG Debris builds etc.)

  5. I usually DO keep a copy of Android in my extra deck. Although in Debris builds I enjoy having two Androids on the field, which is unlikely but awesome. It's a 7200 life advantage at best.

  6. re-math, boy. Its 8400 life advantage.

  7. I'm in TCG, so no Catastor yet. (currently have 2 Androids in the Extra)

  8. How is it 8400?

    2400 damage (battle)
    +600 LP in the end phase (for itself)
    +600 LP in the end phase (for the other Android)

    =3600, times 2 = 7200? Unless there's an extra 1000 I'm missing somewhere :o

  9. You said "it can make 3000 life advantage".

    It is silly to treat that as something of repute. First, examine the conditions necessary for that "life advantage" - in competitive builds, that Android must either be Honest-backed or must attack directly. Further, it must live to the End and proceed to give 600 to you: It's unlikely but not impossible that it would die in between those two criteria, hence why I separate them.

    Next, examine the notion of "life advantage". It is not quantifiable or transferrable into any sort of other system of understanding gameplay; thus its use is limited from the get go. From here, we look at the relevance life has to gameplay; it serves only one actual purpose in the whole game, that purpose being "you can keep playing if you have any." Anything else is a construction invented later by R&D (and doesn't pertain to all of gameplay), or is a construction made by the players that says "hey, I'm *this* close to 0, so maybe I should change tactics" (and thus is a waste of time beyond saying "I'm at X life, so how does this constrain me" a la common sense.)

    3000 "life advantage" is no more important to us than 1 "life advantage"; we are to have 1 or more when the opponent is to have none. That's all.

  10. Let's count the 15 space
    1 Chimeratech
    1 Catastor
    1 Brionac
    1 Goyo
    1 Arcanite
    1 Armored Wing
    1 Black Rose
    1 Stardust
    1 Dark End
    1 Red Daemon's Dragon
    1 Gigantech Fighter
    1 Mist Wurm
    1 Decisive Arms

    13, of which Chimeratech can be dropped, Armoured Wing can be dropped, Dark End can situationally be dropped
    Zombie itself needs 2/3 DeathKaiser and 1 Ha Des, while Magician decks need 1/2 Tempest and 1 more Arcanite

    so I could still find a place for Arms Aid and Magical Android in Lightsworn