Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogger Challenge: Convincing Arguments

Everyone has friends who are going to quit the game.

My challenge to fellow bloggers today is to write a good post on why you shouldn't simply quit the game suddenly, and instead do ____________(This is up to you).

Make it convincing, and make it good.


  1. woah. Tried to write something since this afternoon. Nothing is coming out

  2. As someone who has stopped and started many different card games in my life, my advice is to actually quit. Stop playing. Don't fight the feelings. If you don't want to play right now, don't play right now. Put the cards aside and out of view for a while. Stop browsing your forums. Don't sell anything though, because this is only phase. Sure, you may never come back to the game, but maybe you will. Maybe you'll find something missing in your daily routine that you actually do miss. Maybe you'll realize that the stress that you got from the game was part of the fun for you. It was a chance to take something serious that has no reason to be taken seriously. But it gave you something else to do in your life and you do enjoy it. Or maybe you'll discover you don't miss it at all and take a break. One day you'll probably stumble across your old cards and then get back in with a fire under your ass just as when you started the first time. Or you won't. But you'll reflect upon yourself and find why you played to begin with once you're not playing for a while.

  3. i wont quit, this is because, I am waiting for my fren to come back from australia to singapore to play with me yugioh.