Friday, October 2, 2009

Multiple Sleeve Layers: How its done.

Recently, people have put interest into the multi layer sleeves.

And so, I have put together a little tutorial/pictoguide as to how the Japanese put mutiple sleeve layers.

Note that the first few steps are usually standard, while on higher layers differing techniques may be used.

We begin with our raw materials, the sleeves.

Note that Dimension Zero Sleeves are out of production, considering Dimension Zero kinda died out.

We enlist the help of our friend, Archfiend of Gilfer, now available in Gold Rare.

The first basic layer is used in many decks in the OCG, clear and with the 5D's Logo.
Note that many players do not place their logo on the front of the card, but many also do.

The friendly KMC sleeve. While these are not quite the quality of Ultrapro IMO, their size IS different, and this size allows it to be the second layer without conflict with other sizes.

Next up is the Konami made 5D's sleeve.

Take note that if you use the Signer sleeves, due to a difference in size, KMC sleeves cannot be used.

Next up is the "Perfect Size" sleeves. Also great for binder sleeves, alongside the clear 5Ds one.

This allows you to stick a junk card behind the sleeves to give it extra strength.

Next, you have the "Super Size" sleeves.

Note that these also come in half clear colors, which allows you to put a tint on the front of your card.

Not pictured, but an alternative to these are "The Forum" sleeves. However, due to the lack of color shown on the final product, and the sheer cost of them(10USD for 50), they arent exactly the most popular.
However, the metal supports give your card extra strength.

Your final product will use the Dimension Zero sleeves.

As you can see, the flowery framing fits around the card image.

Recently, another company has begun production of the same sized sleeves, with several different options for the "frame". They havent really caught on yet, because they are clear, with the exception of the frame.

And finally, your product will be pretty thick.

Pictured is the card, covered in several layers of sleeves, and on top of it a regular card.


  1. Great 1 =0 lol imaagine 40 cards dat size woots

  2. really how do people play with those?

  3. isnt it not legal to play with those torneys?

  4. I'm pretty sure they get use to it and it's up to the player on whether they prefer multi-layer sleeves or not though. I think the only issue I can foresee myself with so many sleeves would be the deck sliding over when I play due to the uneven base but then again I've never tried it so I may be wrong.

  5. Wow, that is amazing... I'm surprised anyone can play with 40 cards of that thickness though, that's astounding.

  6. @kingfrost : the number of sleeves depends on you. its not illegal(what harm does it does?)

  7. My deck already consist of 4 layers of protectors, and it is alread quuite difficult to shuffle, but it is fun to see your opponents calling u noob because of the large deck, and then owning them

  8. you cannot use this technique in sanctioned tcg tournaments in which you can only have cards in one sleeve each. I don't know about the ocg. but the real question should be is why do ocg players spend enough to sleeve a deck with 5 sleeves each (normally have to buy 2 packs of sleeves for main and side decks). i mean how paranoid about your cards getting damaged do you have to be to do this

  9. @ germinies

    I don't think it's so much about paranoia of cards being damaged; some players might do this because they like their decks to feel bigger. I think multiple layers IS allowed in some sanctioned TCG tournaments, but one of the layers has to be clear, and it's a maximum of two layers (at least over here that's the case).

    But SHIT; 5 layers? That's crazy. xD How big is the deck roughly once it's done?