Monday, October 26, 2009

I summon Honest in attack position.

Clearly either the enemy has an honest in their hand, or two, or is trying to bluff his or her way out of a few turns.


They have Broken Blocker set.


  1. You just wouldn't summon an Honest and pass. Set one, or summon an Honest, attack over something with your other Honest then bounce it back to your hand. But I don't see why you would randomly summon one unless it was a really desperate bluff, in which case your opponent would probably see through it.

  2. Would an opponent actually readily leave their Honest on the field?

    In most cases, I find that they would bounce it back, due to the usefulness that Honest possesses in the hand rather than on the field.

    If it does stay on the field though, then I agree with your position, Rauzes. And Broken Blocker? Really?

  3. Sounds like an interesting strategy....some people don't even realize Honest's 1900 DEF, I was LOL.

    If they do get past it, nothing says you're screwed than making you're lone Honest into two. Then they fly back to hand. And then Reincarnating the dead Honest.