Sunday, September 20, 2009

Telekinetic Charging Cell

Didnt this card make the psychic OTK possible WAY back?


  1. I guess.

    And don't say that it wouldn't be consistent without the extra summon. E-Tele was unlimited back then.

  2. summon witch doctor of sparta
    e-tele mind master
    e-tele some other psychic
    equip TCC
    summon 14 more psychics with mind master for game.

    deck was terribad.

  3. Boltizar on Pojo
    -That card gets very fun very fast.
    You can use it on Krebons to negate any attack, or to get rid of the hefty cost from Thought Ruler Archfiend.
    And the more Psychic monsters that come out with lifepoint costs, the better it becomes.

  4. Before Brain Lab came out anyway.

  5. Boltizar on Pojo
    -I don't know about that.
    I think in some respects, it's a better card than Research Lab.
    You can search it with Power Tool and Arms Hole, and if it leaves the field you don't take damage.

  6. Less risk from MST, but it's not like the TCg had a reliable way of searching equips at the time of it's release...

    Charging Cell's best use was enabling Mind Master to do what Subtitoad does for Frogs, that is, cycle through at least 6 Psychics, use their effects as necessary and then activate Pot of Avarice. Psychic Overload works to an extent too, but being a trap makes it a lot slower...

    If you could get Metaphysical Regeneration off before the Mind Master combo, even more win.

  7. It would have been possible, but some of the important pieces (Human Psychic Borg, etc) weren't out at the time :)