Monday, September 28, 2009

Monster Spell Trap...






I'm just curious why people write up their decklists in this order.

MSTES doesnt stand for anything significant, to my knowledge.


  1. Monster, Magic & Trap, in that order, is the normal Decklist "arrangement", but I can't say anything about the Extra & Side...

    Now this is nothing to do with this topic, but can you help me with something? :
    Three words: JUNK DEBRIS BUSTER

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  3. Post deleted due to posting of email address on public domain. Dont do it again.

  4. ...Sorry
    There goes my "first impression" T_T

    I've been looking at your Junk Debris ideas, really liked them (regretted not getting Chain Dragon), and I wanted to ask for another build, and THIS happens!?

    Is my luck really this BAD!? T_T

  5. The reason they are writen up in this order is their usual size. (most cards are monsters, then spells and traps are the least used)

  6. Probably when the game first started most people ran like, mostly monsters, followed by an adequate number of spells, and least number of traps.

    Or probably because the anime introduced it in this very order?

    Or because the rulebook introduced it in this very order?

    Or because in official events, this is how they design the slip for you to write your decklist.

  7. Boltizar
    -Well, without the Extra Deck, it comes out to MST, the English name of Cyclone, which is all but a staple. ;3

  8. Yeah, I believe a big part of it is because at Regional or larger events, the sections on paper are often ordered in that way, at the very least Monsters, Spells, then Traps, Extra and Side seems to be the only interchangable sections, most papers I believe list Side deck first, but to me seeing the Extra deck before the Side is personal preference as you're always playing the main deck, and the side deck only accounts for small changes after the first duel.

  9. usually cause of the size. I rarely run more than 6 traps. rarely run more than 14-15 spells usually always run 20 monsters.

    spells: 14-15

    Been doing it like that for years.

  10. or it just sounds cool in that order

  11. Personally I start with my Extra Deck, followed by Monsters, Spells, Traps, and Side if used...

  12. true - around my locals we can list our decklists by any category - Monsters followed by Traps followed by Side followed by Spells etc but when it comes to Regionals - as Cranium X stated theres an order / procedure to follow and if you dont follow it cause you dont like it - you get ushured out of the event by security guards ....

    personally i'd go for M, S , T as my Side + Extras are the same for most of my decks i run..

    heck YGO is serious business.

  13. I've been doing that since forever. It's organized like that in Yu-Gi-Oh! games too.

  14. It's probably influenced by Konami; the same order is used in their restriction/ban list and structure/starter deck lists.

  15. It's Magic, not Spell! Don't let the terrorists win!

  16. Because the Monster line-up will get you the feeling of the deck more than spell & trap.

  17. MSTES might be an adaption of the german language for the plural of the word MST, Mystical Space Typhoon.