Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Its just a game.

Hello everyone.

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. I was on the plane back from Florida.

My overall experience at SJC Orlando wasnt anything spectacular, nor interesting, but it was quite fun overall.

Miami was awesome. For those who live in Florida, I envy you.

One thing I noticed when I was at Orlando was people complaining at the end of the day.

"I didnt top. Today totally sucked"

"These guys dont know how to trade. What a waste of my time"

Amongst others.

This really didnt settle with me.

So what if you didnt top?

So what if you couldnt get $50 off a Vayu?

Yugioh is a game.

At the end of the day, it should still be a game.

That doesnt mean it isnt serious business.

Some things can be serious business and still be fun.

Yugioh, being a game, should be something you ultimately enjoy, something fun.

If you go and play with some people, and never win once due to bad hands, bad decks, bad strategy, regardless, you should be walking home happy, regardless.

Yes, winning is great, and losing kinda sucks, but either way, the game is made and intended to be fun, and for most people, it is.

People, after a day/few hours/one hour/one duel of Yugioh, should be able to look back and say: "That was fun.(To an extent, because other factors such as having stuff stole will really suck.)"

If you cant do that, your doing something wrong.


  1. nice post Rauzes...this might be imprinted to those who can't really enjoy the game as much as all of us do..

  2. Losing in a way is kinda cool because if your deck is awesome, but someone beats you, eventually you will just mod your deck to make it better. So its get better everytime you got pwned




  4. This is the way of TCG. The R&D makes it that way.

  5. Boltizar
    -American's complain, it's what we do.
    We say we have the best stuff in the world when people try to change it but until then we complain about it. ;3
    And if someone could just give me "activate" in Japanese in romanji.
    I need it for a song parody.

  6. I totally agree. I went to my first regional tournament in Memphis this year. About 80 people attended and I placed 43rd with a Monarch deck. I went 3-4 with my record, but I had a great deal of fun and can't wait to go to another big tournament. If someone is not having fun, they should stop playing.

  7. Sadly I see this at every tournament I've ever been to, and it's very frequent over here. It seems we North Americans in general take way too much way too serious. There are too many "If I don't win, it's not worth doing" people out there, and it's a bad, bad trait many parents have passed down to their children.

    There's even lots of complaining about the new "prize structure" of regionals because it doesn't benefit the winners any more than the losers, since prizes are essentially 5 packs for entering. To me, this is a great way to get everyone to come and play, but those that take the game far too serious think it's just crap they don't get any bonus packs for beating everyone else.

  8. An great post.the true meaning of yugioh playing :D

  9. "At the end of the day, it should still be a game.

    That doesnt mean it isnt serious business.

    Some things can be serious business and still be fun."

    i Dun agree:P
    after all, there are people who make a living
    out of it

  10. This is an attitude that plagues the mindset of the western player...

  11. You must be Satoshi Kato.