Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Plasma VS Dogma

Since both are going to be used in the decks that use Trade In + Destiny Draw + Allure of Darkness, and both easily devour Dreadmaster in terms of utility, and thus are maxed out before Dreadmaster is touched, and both usable in terms of effect and strength,

I am just wondering which you like more.

Obviously, if you want to win more, Plasma would beat Dogma hands down.

But regardless of the utility/practicality, which do you like more?


  1. I prefer Plasma. First of all, I like its original name which is D-hero Bloo-D or maybe we call it blood. Next its easier to summon compare to dogma which require a D monster. 3rd It could be add in deck that are not necessary D. 4th I love the artwork. And 5th is a "Benefits you only Skill Drain)

  2. Actually. I prefer Dogma as compared to Bloo-D. His summoning condition may be harder but i think that his effect is pretty good , halving your opponents LP.

    Plus , he was the first to come out , so D-Hero players would use him until Bloo-D came out. Naturally, i felt more attached to it than Bloo-D

  3. Plasma, a free skill drain and much easier to summon, hav no nid to be a d-hero filled deck.
    Cool art and name . Bloo-D

  4. hahas personally i prefer bloo-d. Artwork is awesome. And i rmb watching GX, i love it how edo summons Bloo-D, simply amazing.

    hmm...y not...the final D? haha i LOVEEEE DRAGOON D END!

  5. I prefer plasma as well, but I don't count dreadmaster as useless. he can be special summoned from grave. =P

  6. I think Plasma has a cooler artwork also.

  7. Boltizar on Pojo
    -I think I'll take the high road and say I like D-End.
    I like both of them though I side Bloo-D in my BFs.
    Dogma can really put your opponent in a nasty situation without attacking while Plasma steals the opponents now beatstick only monsters.
    Plasma is better in a playability sense, but from their it's a tough call.

  8. Bloo-D better. A Skill Drain and nearly a free kill of opponent monster

  9. i'd say Plasma over Dogma in terms of playability, artwork, price, competitiveness and effectiveness ....