Friday, September 4, 2009

Absolute Zero Variants

1: The D-Zero Turbo:

Runs Allure, DDraw, and possibly Trade-In for maximizing draws. Easily considered the fastest and most popular. Eats V-Zero Alive, Destroyed by E-Zero.
Uses D Hero cards from the Anime
Oh, and also Synchros.

2: The E-Zero Beatdown:

Runs Neos Alius, Possibly Wildheart and Big Neos, Drop honest left and right, plays of Shrink and Skyscraper optional, but highly reccomended. More or less Big City with Zero thrown in.
Kills D-Zero easily, but loses to V-Zero.
Mainly uses E Hero cards from the Anime.

3: The V-Zero Control:
(V-Hero from VJMP Heroes/Manga Heroes, NOT Voltic. You only run 1 voltic.)

Runs Oceans, Forestmans, Ice Edge, Voltics, etc, and packs a LOT of Control cards such as Karma Cut, Compulsory Evacuation Device, Raigeki Break, and PWWB, and gains a LOT of Advantage over time. More or less at least a +1 a turn.
Good because you can use much more than 3 Absolute Zeros, Easily.
Dies to D-Zero because of speed, and kills E-Zero because E-Zero cant dish out damage fast enough.
Really cool because you get to pretend to be Jyuudai from the Manga Koyou Hibiki

4: The Everything-Zero:

Doesnt work.

In terms of cost, none of these decks come cheaper than the others

D-Zero has DDraws and Allures and Trade ins, as well as Bloo-Ds. Also you gotta buy some Synchros
E-Zero has Neos Alius and Honests. Also Assault Armor in the OCG, if you use it.
V-Zero has OceansX3, ForestX3, Voltics, and lots of lots of promos.

Not to mention the minimum 2 Miracle Fusion, 3 Absolute Zero, Stratos, etc etc.


  1. Absolute Zero rightly deserves to be labeled as a boss monster. His effect is just too good. Bad thing westerners still doesn't have the chance to use him yet.

  2. I am sorry but, why do the VolticZero can have more than 3 Zeros?

  3. V-Zero(because of VJMP, not Voltic), naturally integrates Zero the best because the deck uses Absolute Zero as its (former) ace monster(manga).

    It uses multiple copies because this particular variant CARES if Mr. Ocean dies. And so thus keeps it alive. Which allows you to return Absolute Zero from the graveyard to the extra deck.

  4. Assault Armor is actually released in the TCG.

  5. as a rare. in the OCG its a promo ultra.

  6. This is a bit old, but I think you have the definition of Big City a bit different from usual.
    Big City is generally using Skyscraper 2 and E-Hero Ocean to abuse Stratos effect to search out E-Heroes and destroy Spell/Traps, and generally tries to swarm and win.
    Little City uses Skyscraper, Shrink, Honest, etc. to beatdown the opponent. Assault Armor also might be a good choice with Honest.
    Just pointing this out.