Sunday, September 13, 2009

Charge of the Light Brigade VS Reinforcement Of the Light

Literature reference nobody knows of? Or something that makes sense?

Bastardized translation? Or Acceptable?

Finally an example of how the OCG sees TCG card names?

Take your pick.

On topic:

Since Charge of the Light Brigade is a rare, and thus everyone and their cousin is going to be running Lightlords,

Threatening RAWR!


  1. More like Catastor, Decisive Arms, and Cycle Leader.

  2. Threatening Roars lead you to wins against LS. Catastor paves the way. Decisive Arms just eats it alive.

    Cycle Leader is useless, TBH. Nobody will run it.

  3. That's actually ok, but you also have to consider that the two female lightlords are near-impossible = impossible to buy in most of SE Asia.

    That being said, I guess you're probably right since I do plan on running one myself if I could.

  4. Waaaaay to go konami,a 50 dollar tcg card released into what 5-10?.

    Waaaaaay to go.