Sunday, September 6, 2009

Coming Soon:

The COMPREHENSIVE printer friendly easy to follow Junk and Debris Play Guide Flow Chart!

Print it out, stick it in your deck box, and NEVER misplay again!

Its THAT easy!


  1. Heck with the sticking onto the deckbox. I'm gonna stick it in front of my album too!!

    Advertisment never hurts?

  2. I know this might be a little bit off topic, but how does J&D answer 3 mained Compulsory Evacuation Devices + Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo? This is very rampant in our meta, at least on my observation.

  3. Screw that, Sazabi. I'm having it sewn into my eyelids!

  4. @Perplexed: The main problem is not the Compulsary Evac devices, since 3X is just 3X, and he can only use 3, but the fossil dynas. I have had problems with this guy for a long time. Side in Fissure and Smashing Ground, and your mained Raigeki Breaks should be saved for it.

  5. Uh, and what about Dimensional Fissure or Macro Cosmos matchups?

  6. Since this is about J&D play, I have a few questions if you don't mind:

    1. When I recycle Poison Draw Frog with Junk Synchron or Debris Dragon's effect, do I get the draw after synchroing?
    2. I don't exactly get why Cross Porter misses the timing when used as Synchro Material. Maybe you could enlighten us?
    3. Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin can be easily searched via Foolish Burial+Cross Porter, but it can't be a target for Debris Dragon. Are there any deeper reasons behind why you run this?

  7. @Thompson: Manevolent Catastrophe. Ever heard of it?

    @Perplexed: no
    Because of the same reason it misses timing when you tribute summon: Konami said so. No other reason.
    Aqua Dolphin is really weak. In terms of Neo Spacian Tiers, Mole>>Panther>=Bird>Dolphin=Scarab>Moss

  8. Porter misses the timing because it is an Optional effect, like Dark World monsters, they miss the timing if used as a cost. You can consider syncro and tribute summon as a "cost", so you don't get confused.

    You can compare to Sangan or Dandylion, they have mandatory effect, so they still get effect after used as a cost, tribute, or synchro summon

  9. Re: Rauzes
    Isn't Fairy Winds better?

    Re: edward
    I am sorry but aren't the Dark Worlds compulsory?

  10. Haha yeah. Only problem then would be if they didn't attack. Is it just me or is Malevolent Catastrophe used mainly only in OCG builds?

    And Perplexed Duelist, let's put it into simpler terms. Just see if it's the last thing to happen. If the last thing to happen is Cross Porter being sent to the grave, eg: Foolish Burial, then you get to search. If it isn't the last thing to happen, such as in the case of Tribute/Synchro summoning in which the last thing happening would be the Tribute/Synchro monster being sucessfully summoned. In that case, since it isn't the last thing to happen, Cross Porter, being an optional effect, misses the timing to use its effect.

    However, if Sangan or Dandylion was used instead of Cross Porter, it wouldn't matter as they are compulsory effects, which you must activate whether you like it or not. Hence, you cannot miss the timing. Hope it helps you.

  11. Manevolent Catastrophe is more epic in resolution.

    Dark worlds are compulsary, but cannot be used as cost. Example for missing timing is Archfiend of Gilfer

  12. @Thompson
    Yeah, already had the gutfeel it woudn't work. Just wanted to make sure. Woudve been nice if it did though, you technically get a free monster without losing any card advantage at all.

    Any other card to use as counter to skill drain/fissure/cosmos aside from Malevolent? The thing costs $5 each here.

  13. Twister works as a decent way to remove those problematic cards.

  14. Perplexed. They are structure deck cards. It should only be about 50 cents. You can use Twister or Trap Eater for Skill Drain, Royal Decree, and the kind. Imperial order can be used to protect your graveyard as well.

  15. @Anonymous
    I am fully aware that those cards are structure cards. But virtually no one buys the structure decks over here, and one starts for about $20. Either you get the Manevolent for $5, or get the whole bunch for $20. Pick your poison.

    Trap Eater looks good, but he can't answer oppression. Royal Decree is also nice, though he can't deal with Dimensional Fissure. Imperial Order is banned >.<

    I was thinking about Sinister Sprocket btw. Wonder how it'll work.

  16. Imperial Order... <---??

  17. Anonymous, use your brain. Different price ranges for different places.

  18. @Perplexed: Trap Eater can be used against Royal Oppression, it's just one simultaneous action of sending the opponent's trap to the graveyard and special summoning it, so Oppression's in the graveyard at the time it would try to activate.

    Macro and Rivalry of Warlords are about the only continuous traps that can possibly screw over Trap Eater's summon.

  19. where is da guide?