Thursday, September 17, 2009

Duel Puzzle #8

Duel Puzzle #8

Hand: Winged Kuriboh Level 9, Winged Kuriboh Level 9, Winged Kuriboh Level 9.
Set Mirror Force, Future Fusion Activated
Field: Five Headed Dragon(Through Future Fusion)
Graveyard: Mezuki, Plaguespreader Zombie, Doomcaliber Knight, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Red Eyes Wyvern, Allure of Darkness, Dark Horus, Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Dark Horus, Allure of Darkness
RFP: Zombie Master, Goblin Zombie
Life: 7400
Deck: 22
Extra: 14

Graveyard: Mezuki, Sangan, Armageddon Knight, Allure of Darkness
RFP: Necro Gardna, Necro Gardna
Hand: Rescue Cat
Life: 3000
Deck: 33
Field: None
Extra: 15

Standard Duel Puzzle Conditions(It is the standby phase of your turn, Deck can contain anything you want, enemy will do anything to stop being killed, doesnt mean they do something stupid(FOR INSTANCE Solemn Mezuki when they have 2000 life), you can topdeck whatever you want, reduce enemy to 0LP this turn, etc etc.)


  1. Are Exodia and actual banned cards not allowed in your deck?

  2. Exodia is fine, but how will you get it?

    Deck must be legal under sept banlist, hence the standard challenge conditions.

  3. The cat is after you've drawed a card or before?

  4. Rescue Cat, sacrifice for Demon Roar God Cerberal and uh, Des Koala. Sync for Demon Roar God Reigion and happily draw your two cards. From here on out, there are many many variations since you can draw any two cards you want. But I'll just list a random one.

    So you draw Zombie World and Brain Control. Activate Zombie World, out Mezuki for Cat, sack for Infernity Beast and Airbellum. Brain Control Five Headed Dragon and then swing with all, laughing at your opponent's inabillity to activate Mirror Force since you have Infernity Beast.

  5. Err, what part about "legal" did you not understand?

    Otherwise, shows Haxability of Cerebral.

  6. The the card that you need to win with only released in the OCG?

  7. Uh, his actual solution doesn't require OCG Exclusives. Mine just showed the broken-ness of the OCG Exclusives in question.

  8. ARG i feel like im close to figuring this one out. Im pouring over beast monsters and have a list of cards that would help if the life points were lower :(

  9. If it's only with cat I'd say it's impossible in TCG.

    If you had the drawphase I'd say it's a Pot of Avarice.
    So you summon cat, get panther and cat, synch for let's say Goyo Guardian. Activate Pot of Avarice, send 5 monsters back into your deck, draw 2 cards which are let's say Brain Control and Mystical Space Typhoon. Then you act MST for Mirror Force and Brain Control the Five Headed dragon and swing for game with it and Goyo Guardian.

    Or the other way I found is where you need 1 more 3-Hump Lacooda on the field.
    Here you summon cat, get 2x 3-hump lacooda and sacrifice 2 of them, and then happily draw 2 cards which are Zombie world and Brain Control.
    You activate Zombie world and get mezuki ot for cat, which becomes a Infernity Beast and an airbellum. Synch the airbellum and the lacooda for goyo guardian, and brain control the FHD and finally laugh at full power, seeing the opponent is unable to act his mirror force as you swing for game because of infernity beast.

  10. Where's the solution for the previous puzzles anyway!?

  11. I dont reveal the solution until someone gets it right.

  12. @Murphy: Well, thats the difference between you and someone who tops a tournament.

  13. Re: Axehead

    Infernity Beast: If THIS CARD attacks and ......

    Neko, Cerebral + Koala, Legion draw 2, Undead World, Mezuki for Neko, Airbellum + Crazy Beast, Palkion, Pot, Double Honest

  14. This is actually quite easy. Topdeck Enemy Controller. Summon Rescue Cat. Tribute Cat for X-Saber Airbellum and Infernity Beast. Pass priority. Tribute Airbellum to Enemy Controller. Attack for 7600 damage total. gg.

  15. @Thurge: 1: You cant topdeck a card. You just topdecked Rescue Cat.
    2: They mirror when you attack with FGD. Infernity Beast does NOT confer to the other monsters on your field.

    Edit: Yes, Hidden Arsenal/DT1 is legal.