Saturday, September 12, 2009


If you think about it, Monarchs are probally the best deck out there to start with.

Good for budget wise, mostly autopilot.

Also, the highest on the trade scale any card you use is a mid higher for Gaius.

Well, that and Necro Gardnas if you play them...


  1. It would basically depend on the variant you're running. I mean, D.D would be cheap as all you had to do was purchase 3 SD to start with I guess. Though when you talk about it being competitive, it's either Oppressions, which are hard/expensive to get at several parts of the world, or the more expensive Destiny Hero engine, which IMO is overrated just because of the draw power cards.

    Though yes, the core of the deck still remians cheap cause all the Monarchs are found in SD14, with the sole exception of Kuraz, whom would most probably not be run anyway.

  2. Kuraz is in SD17 if you really wan to run it....remember?

  3. Who would use Necro Gardna in a Monarch deck? The way you say it makes it seem so common.

    I do agree that Monarchs are a good deck to start with, though, due to a mix of control and aggro that makes the deck versatile. My first competitive deck was a Monarch deck, actually.

  4. I would prefer to suggest Gadgets to a new player, but Monarchs are good too.

    Both can be dirt cheap, here in the TGC I could probably build a gadget deck of commons and still hold its own against the top tier of the format.

  5. Well LightGrunty, usually players running the Destiny Hero or Zombie Engine WILL run Knight of the End/Armageddon Knight into Necro Gardna, even more so if the case of Zombie Engine due to Mezuki and Burial from D.D.