Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cards for the new format...

Lightning Tune.

Drop JD Summon Lumina Activate Effect Activate Lightwave. OTK!

Release of the Spirit.

Again, why isnt this being used in every format? Creates too much Graveyard and RFP advantage gap.


Recycle that Diabolic, anyone? Also resets RFP advantage.


  1. Lightwave Tuning: Sorry but could not understand why that is an OTK. And Lightlord has too high its capicity for an OTK

    Soul Release: just because it is not chainable so people do not run it. I personally prefer Kycoo

    Necroface: That's true

  2. How does 'Drop JD Summon Lumina Activate Effect Activate Lightwave.' = OTK?

  3. sigh.

    summon JD
    summon Lumina
    summon lv4 LS
    Lightning Tune
    sync for Ancient Sacred Wyvern
    Attack for 3000
    Attack for 5100


    Only works early game, and nuking leaves you 900 short. LT shouldn't be played, except maybe in some deck that makes lots of free light tokens.

  4. Been using Lightwave Tuning for Tuner in my old version of Lightsworn. Liked it much better than Plague. Turns that free SS monster into a Tuner and can be run in three, if wanted.

    Soul Release would be useful if not for the fact that Burial are running wild in decks.

    Necroface is one of the best ways to get cards back into deck from RFP and is always a fun card to play with as well.

  5. Since JD's effect costs 1000 lp, Wyvern would have 4100 ATK at that time. And if you're not using it to OTK, it's just using up 3 cards to summon 1 Synchro. That doesn't sound decent.

    Also, I think The Transmigration Prophecy is the way to go right now. Chainable, selects 2 cards, returns them to the deck. Exactly what you'd want.

    @Necroface: very true...