Monday, September 21, 2009

For the coming weeks:

Pack 3 Kuriboh, 3 Waboku, 3 Threatening Roar, 3 Winged Kuriboh, and 3 Flute of Summoning Kuriboh.

Anti-JD stuff.


  1. Boltizar
    -I don't really think it's worth all that to counter just two cards out of the one deck (Judgment being Semi-Limited), but this is a nice thing to hear being a Kuriboh Fan. ;3
    Threatening Yes since it helps against other decks
    Waboku is iffy since G Beasts are still a top contender
    The Kuriboh support is usually unexpected and helped be win against Chimeratech back when that was prevalent..... heh, all of his monsters were removed from play and all I did was discard one monster.
    I think Winged Kuriboh LV9 can be fun against Lightsworn, but I still need to get one myself (that and Multiply and the DT stuff when in hits the TCG).

  2. IDK...

    Wabokus are a bit excessive.

    My Body as a Shield and Divine Wrath are good.

  3. Once I made a Deck just for competition, which involves 3 ThreatRoar, 3 Waboku, 3 Flute, 3 Kuri 3 HaneKuri, 3 Necro Gardna, 3 Soul Freeze and any other similar stalling things

    Yes I successfully survive for 40 minutes, using the whole 3 minute thinking time per turn

  4. hmm whilst i do agree with T-Roar - i myself would perhaps side some Divine Wrath, Light Mirrors, Cursed Seal of Forbidden Spells + Rivalry of Warlords (the latter since i run a anti meta warrior deck) Cursed Seal i find useful not just in L-Sworn but in Monarchs, Glads, Blackwings etc ...

    but this does sound interesting perhaps i'll try this Kuriboh idea out..