Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reading Junk and Debris

If they start with Armageddon into Cross Porter, what happens next is important.

If they search Moss:

They are NOT holding any Foolish Burials, and if they set something, its Raigeki Break or PWWB or Divine Wrath.
They also have a high chance of holding Chaos Sorcerer

If they search Panther:

If they allure it off, they were holding allure.

If they set a card, theyre holding a Dandylion, possibly, and probally foolish burials.

If they dont set anything:

The either have Convert Contact, Chaos Sorcerer, DAD, and possibly all three.

In this situation, getting rid of Armageddon is a dilema.

If you destroy it, Convert Contact into Chaos and DAD and Summon Chain Dragon or AOJ Catastor

If you DONT destroy it, devote nothing to the field, because next turn Junk Synchron into BRD and search Mole and drop DAD will happen.

IF they search MOLE on turn 1:

Set your mirror Force. Theyre goanna stall forever.


  1. Either THAT, or they're misplaying.

  2. Hey I'm new to this deck type so could you please explain why to search moss if no foolish, panther if dandylion + foolish etc.

  3. Of course, this all assumes that the player is pretty much an expert and Junk and Debris, and knows what he's doing.

  4. I tend to search Mole if I have absolutely no immediate use for a Moss or Panther in my hand, but the only time I search Moss is pretty much what you put down, or I'm holding a Convert Contact, as I'd much rather drop both Moss into the GY at once, especially if holding the Chaos Sorcerer. Many times Mole is such a blessing for the deck, especially when you're in control.