Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dark Verger

Summon Copy plant, Instant Stardust.

Summon Weed, Instant Stardust.

Summon Plant Tuner, Summon two and grab a draw off the third from Emperor Order

Summon Plant Tuner, revive this thing and release it for Super Solar Nutrient, grab a Lonefire and summon something big, synchro up.

Summon Plant tuner, revive two, release all three for Arkana Force EX or Bloo-D


  1. Question is : How would you dump them into the graveyard without much lost in advantage?

  2. And not to mention a viable target for obth junk synchron and debris dragon

  3. By Order of the Emperor isn't worth it. Besides the fact that it needs to survive for an opponent's turn first, it simply replaces itself after performing this once. You'd be better off with Jar of Greed most of the time. And that's bad.

    Bloo-D is easier with Fires of Doomsday / Scapegoat, but this isn't bad either.

    Releasing one for Super Solar Nutrient into Lonefire would be sweet if Lonefire dug out a Gigaplant that you equip Supervis to and Synchro Summoned after getting back your Lonefire. You'd get a LV8 Synchro monster, a Tytannial (or whatever Plant you want) and a Gigaplant that your opponent can better get rid of before your next turn.

    Also, getting three of them in the Graveyard is easy with Inferno Reckless Summon.

  4. to fireowners LOL errr why has junk synchron gotto do wif this anyways?? i dun tink its a junk and debris...

  5. but inferno reckless summon is bad in the tcg (idk how it is in ocg) so wat would be a better way?

  6. What Jin Said. What does Junk and Debris have to do anything?

    Besides, if you summon Junk Synchron you lose timing AND you cannot summon it by its own effect in the first place.

  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one that's seen some potential in Dark Verger. Getting them all into the graveyard would be the hardest part, sure, but a dedicated plant deck could easily abuse Inferno Reckless Summon, on either Dark Verger or Lonefire Blossom (was better when it was at 3 for that) and if you went the Black Garden route, unless the rules have changed, you can use the generated tokens your opponent gets to your advantage by giving them a face-up monster that can be the activation requirement.

    Strange though a card named like Dark Verger is an earth monster, I guess they didn't want it easily dumped by Armageddon Knight or Dark Grepher?