Thursday, September 10, 2009

Duel Puzzle #7


Life: 100
Graveyard: 36 Normal Monsters, Heart of the Underdog
Hand: None
RFP: None
Deck: 3.

Life: 2000
Graveyard: Treeborn Frog, 28 Normal Monsters
Deck: 10
Field: One face down Solemn Judgement

It is the end phase of your opponent's turn.

Reduce your enemy to 0LP by the end of your turn.

Your topdeck can be any card, as long as it is legal.

The opponent wont do something stupid(Like Solemn a Mezuki. That being said he/she will probally solemn just about everything(given that it doesnt have a graveyard effect))


  1. It's not right, I'm sure, but the best thing I can think of, before going to bed, that might not get automatically Solemned because it's not a completely direct threat to end the game this turn, is draw Bubbleman, special summon him, (probably Solemned because of the draw effect but if not) draw MST and any 1200 ATK or higher monster, play MST on Solemn and summon the other monster for game.

  2. You top Allure of Darkness, use and draw 2 Mezuki, dump then summon 2 Zombies, attack for game. Opponent decided NOT to activate Solemn, reason being that so far (s)he had only seen normal monsters and a Heart of the Underdog, what reason would you have to run 2 Mezuki? Opponent did not expect anything up your sleeve. What do you summon? Take your pick out of Armored Zombie, Clown Zombie, Corroding Shark, Dark Assailant, Dragon Zombie, Magical Ghost, Master Kyonshee, The 13th Grave, Three-Legged Zombie, or Yaranzo.

  3. Ah, this might work. Draw Gallis the Star Beast. Reveal it in your hand to send the top card from the deck to the graveyard, being a 10 star monster like Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord to deal 2000 direct damage and special summon Gallis at the same time, which should be uncounterable by Solemn.

  4. Can I assume what the monsters' attribute in my graveyard? Plus, what do you mean LEGAL? U mean officially playable in OCG and TCG?

    If it doesn't need to be officially playable, then I will draw a Dark Simorgh, activating its effect to special summon itself. Solemn Judgement cannot counter Dark Simorgh special summon, attack with it and game.

    I not sure sure Chaos Sorcerer has the chain block like Dark Simorgh do, if it has, Chaos Sorcerer can do the same thing too. and it is officially playable.

  5. Can I assume the monsters' attribute in my graveyard? By the way, what do you mean by legal? It has to be legal and officially playable for both OCG and TCG?

    If it doesn't need to be official and legal in TCG, then I will draw a Dark Simorgh and special summon it with its effect, Solemn Judgment can't counter it due to chain block. Attack and game.

    I not sure if Chaos Sorcerer has chain block as well, if it does, then it is officially playable for both OCG and TCG.

  6. Bubbleman gives a 2 card draw. He would probally solemn that since you have 100 life and you could just be attacked by treeborn for game

    Dark Simorgh isnt legal, sorry.

    @Gallis: You cannot. You are allowed to choose gallis for topdeck but after that its undecided order for your deck, and so not possible. This solution is 0% chance.

    @Allure: Could work, but same point as above. Since you have 100% with that way its valid but even so its not a great answer because allure would probally be solemned

  7. Draw sangan, play sangan, gets solemn'd, search for bubbleman, play to draw 2, draw 2 poison of the old man for game.

  8. Solemn on Sangan wont let you search. Also, enemy wont solemn Sangan, most of the time.

  9. Top draw Infernity Archfiend. Due to chain block it cannot be Solemned. Search for Infernity Beast. If your opponent Solemns it, attack with Archfield for game. If he doesn't, then swing with both for game. Either way you win.

  10. Top-Deck The Seal of Orichalcos :p

    Assuming 3 or more fiends:
    Dark Necrofear ?

  11. @Axehead: Solemn could easily stop the special summon before the effect of Archfiend could go off, just like the special summon of DAD or Cyber Dragon, etc, like Bubbleman I mentioned earlier. Anything special summoned in a normal way would be easily Solemned since it can 'negate' anything. That's why I had my idea about Gallis after Bubbleman since theoretically your deck could contain anything for the last 3 cards since you're choosing your own topdeck, I just assumed Exodius would be a likely other card to have as the last 2 cards in the deck after Gallis seeing as there's 36 Normal monsters in the graveyard, but that wasn't the solution he had in mind either.

    @Perplexed: That wouldn'tve worked anyway even if he did Solemn the Sangan and Sangan did get his effect that way (which he doesn't as Rauzes said since he was never actually on the field) but your idea would've required 4 cards in the deck and there's only 3.

    I'm stumped on this one otherwise, I can't find an effect monster card that's special summonable with 2000 damage or more plus allows you to get a monster from GY or Deck to your hand when the card is destroyed from anywhere and sent to the graveyard, nor a monster that can't be countered when summoned, nor a spell card that allows similar that would be a direct threat to the opponent to lose that has a similar monster grabbing after effect to attack for game end.

    The one thing I did notice about the answers so far is the large amount of people that seem to think a lot of monsters that have effects to special summon themselves supposedly cannot be negated by Solemn, when they can.

  12. I came to post the infernity archfiend solution, got beated to it.

  13. I believe that Infernity Archfiend CANNOT be solemned. DIfferent from the solution I know of but valid. More than 1 solution.

    Monsters that special summon themselves on a chain(zombie carrier, dark simorgh, etc), cannot be solemned.

    As for Dark necrofear Im pretty sure THAT can be solemned.

  14. Yup Cranium X, like Rauzes said, Infernity Archfiend CANNOT be solemned. Check Dark Simorgh's rulings.

    Now, back trying to figure out the actual solution...

  15. Well now this has me very curious about some of these cards that are causing a "chain" so I went information hunting, having the need to understand as much as possible.

    I assume the only reason Infernity Archfiend is considered a chain is because its summon is a response to immediately being drawn and the 'reveal' is the trigger? I can understand that reason. Otherwise it's like Bubbleman and would form the searching chain at the same time Bubble would form the drawing chain, after the summon was successful.

    I'm actually disappointed in some of the ways Konami rules things now that I did a little more research into a few of the cards. PSZ starts a chain because it counts as an ignition effect in the graveyard. Simorgh apparently for the same reason because of its second special summoning effect from the graveyard is also ruled an ignition effect for the cost, even though its first form of special summoning is exactly like Chaos Sorcerer, which you can Solemn, you can't Solemn DS because of its secondary effect being there..... and then there's Endymion, which can also be special summoned from the graveyard or hand like Dark Simorgh, but it has been ruled to be a cost only, and not an ignition effect, so it's the only monster that can inherently special summon itself from the graveyard and be Solemned.

    This kind of inconsistency is the only real problem I've had with the game since its inception. Endymion to me would seem to be the proper way to rule it, since cards with their own inherit costs to summon themselves can be Solemned, apparently something about PSZ and Simorgh being in the graveyard changes their cost to an ignition effect instead and makes a chain, but removing 6 spell counters from Magical Citadel not being an ignition effect makes little sense in this case.

    I know I shouldn't really rant here about this, being just a friendly puzzle, but when there's that much inconsistency with the way a few cards are played, CS versus DS in this instance, since they're summoned from the hand in the same way, I'd think some people could easily get confused as to why it doesn't work.

  16. Now this also has me curious, I can't find any specific rulings in English, I do hope eventually Konami will translate them, but supposed citation notes linked to this page:
    claim to say, quote [Example: Monsters in the hand or Graveyard are removed from play to activate the effects which Special Summon "Dark Simorgh". Thus, you cannot negate this with the effect of "Thunder King Rai-Oh".] Solemn being in same situation here as Raioh, as I do believe Chaos Sorcerer, CED-E and BLS-E could all be negated by either Raioh or Solemn. Unless this is only specifically talking about Simorgh, the way it is worded you would tend to think Chaos Sorcerer and even Dark Necrofear would be immune too since you remove from play monsters to summon them as well.

    I know many cards are ruled specific ways contrary to the normal "Because Konami Says So" but even some of those things get changed, like Green Baboon and the damage step.

    I wonder do many bad calls happen by judges in Japan and other OCG countries as well as just the TCG ones?

  17. Cyber Eltanin. from wad u all were talking abt just nw, it cant be solemned rite? Then remove all light machine normal monsters like gradius and atk 4 game.

  18. summon mecha dog marron
    he solemns
    he dies due to mecha dog marrons effect?

    - Tristy117

  19. arms hole
    if i am correct in understanding it is a cost to send top card :P

    2 senarios

    arms hole
    he solemns
    (it sends mezuki) remove mezuki


    arms hole
    he doesnt solemn
    (it sends mezuki) get any atk increaing equip
    remove mezuki -> SS zombie from grave
    (cant be solemned)
    activate the atk increasing equip
    he can solemn and lose
    or let it go and lose :D

    - Tristy117

  20. Both are wrong.

    Marron wont be solemned. Its stupid to do that. Besides it wont get its effect.

    Arms hole isnt legal around the world.

  21. oh and with gallis the star beast
    it could work
    if the final two cards are both exodius

  22. How about:
    Draw Gene-Warped Warwolf
    Activate Heart of the Underdog
    Draw Bait Doll (or Spiritualism or MST)
    Activate Bait Doll on Solemn
    Summon Gene-Warped Warwolf and attack for game

    Note: Last 3 cards are 2 Gene-Warped Warwolf and Bait Doll so there is a 66.67% of winning.