Thursday, November 12, 2009

Too many decks..

Some people have many decks.

While no so common in TCG areas, this does occur quite often, and very often, in OCG dominant areas, due to the cheaper cards(most of the time)

Whilst for many, the spread of cards across these several decks is not a problem, since most will give priority for any cards they need for their main deck to be in their main.


What people do not realize is that they are spreading their focus and development of their playing over several decktypes, meaning the time developing your playstyle for each deck is significantly reduced.

Most good players tend to have very few decks. One or two not so often, but three or four actually quite often.

Therefore, instead of creating many decks(especially decks with themes in common, that draw from similar support cards), if you want to become better and win more often, focus on one or two decks only. Having another deck or two just for fun might not be a bad idea, but try not to deviate from your main deck too often, and have your fun decks bearing similar concepts/themes.

For example, since my main deck is Absolute Zero, my fun deck could reasonably be a Shining based deck, so thus by playing either one, I can develop my playing for a similar deck, and confront certain situations given a similar pool of cards more often.

Asking some of the best players out there, they probally only have around three-four decks, as compared to the upwards fourty most normal players usually have.


  1. I have this problem for sure. And its probably why I'm not as good as I used to be (combined w/ not playing as often).

    But, lately, the most fun I've had in this game through some bad formats has been tweaking underused decktypes.


  2. I think you're wrong.

  3. Using a deck doesn't reduce focus from other decks you're using. As long as you play often with your main deck, you can spend any time you want on other decks and you'll still be as good with your main deck.

    It's not using your main deck for a while that causes you to make mistakes you normally wouldn't have made.

    I only recommend what Rauzes said for people who don't play that often. For the rest, I disagree with it.


  4. Yeah, one has nothing to do with the other. The amount of decks you have doesnt relate to your skill. I.E someone who has 3 decks is not necessarly better then someone with 10.

  5. BUT
    More good/tournament topper people have only 3, not ten.

  6. I've spent a good amount of time playing against random folk and the dudes that pull their decks out of those long boxes where they've got lord knows how many decks in there seem to make more mistakes on average. Maybe not everyone, but I know I get into a "zone" with decks and if I switch decks I sometimes play thinking certain cards will come up that don't even exist in the deck. If I played a different deck every game like some folks do, well I don't know how I'd do it without making many mistakes.

  7. Please link me:

  8. I do agree with having less decks but with different playstyle. For example having an aggro deck (zombie / bf / ls) as a main and an
    anti-meta deck (think D.D) as a second deck.
    This trains me to be able to work on my deck's weaknesses and i think that is what wins game.

  9. whilst i constantly change my decks - playing one deck one week then another another week - i do stick with monarchs as my main but end up chanign it as well - from gk monarchs to dino monarchs to lightsworn monarchs etc but i always use a conversion side deck as my aide in case i need to go all out monarchs or go for the other theme e.g i play l-swornmonarchs and i win or lose - i'll either switch fully to monarchs or switch fully to lightsworn .. and so far thats worked out ok for me.. true i've lost games but i dont complain..

  10. I think most people should play the main meta decks, ie LS, BW(BF), GB etc just so you get a feel of how its like to play it and help you react better.

  11. I think playing different decks can also improve your skill because you will learn how different decks work and will fare better when you face the deck in a duel.

  12. I agree that there are people with too many decks.
    But the main problem pops up when you play decks that are too different.
    For example, if I played Lightsworn and Vayu Blackwings, it probably would work out since both decks rely heavily on graveyard advantage.
    But if I played something like Gladiator Beasts and Monarchs. It wouldn't fit.
    However, it's good to get a feel for a majority of decks. To get a good feel for the deck.
    Sun Tzu once wrote in The Art of War, "Know thy enemy."
    It's best to know what the opponent might play, by playing the same decktype a few times.
    Of course, it's hard to play two different strategies and "main" them. But playing a deck a couple times can help in playing against the same thing.
    Just my thoughts.