Wednesday, November 11, 2009

To Storm or Not to Storm

The opponent goes first. He sets five cards backrow, then passes.

You topdeck into storm.

Do you activate?

Not Giant Turnade, but Heavy Storm.

An obvious Starlight Road? Or are they playing heavy backrow and trying to spend up your storm early?


  1. Just Storm it!! do first , regret later!!

  2. If he's playing Starlight Road in threes, the chance that he drew it in his opening hand is slightly higher than 50%, so this isn't a no-brainer.

    If you have an efficient answer to Stardust Dragon, you should just activate Heavy Storm. Sure you lose Heavy Storm, but he lost his Starlight Road and will lose his Stardust Dragon. You shouldn't lose too much advantage.

    Sure, you could save your Heavy Storm for when your opponent used his Starlight Road (and you've destroyed his Stardust Dragon, obviously), but think of the consequences of that. If you have TT/MF and activate it to destroy 2+ monsters, your opponent will negate it and summon Stardust Dragon to beat you up. I can think of no other cards Starlight Road works against (except JD, but if you use up JD to clear the way for Heavy Storm, you need to learn how to play your cards). If you know any others that are commonly used, tell me.

    Also, let's not forget that your opponent could simply be bluffing it. He could just have Dark Bribe to save his other spells.

    If you don't have an answer to Stardust Dragon, you should take the risk but most importantly, go to the side deck next rounds.

  3. Obvious Starlight Road. If they want you to waste your Heavy, at most 3 cards for this sacrifice should be allowed, except when the set monster is Morphing Pot

  4. no ones that dumb to set down 5, its most likely for u just to waste ur heavy.
    UNLESS your playing a noob >.>

  5. @Anon: Your the only idiot who thinks setting 5 is dumb given their cards.

    @LGQ: Thinking like that wins games.

  6. People in Japan are already running Starlight Road?

    I would definitely play my Heavy and hope for the best.

  7. you barely even see people set down 5..

  8. Maybe it seems like a stupid question. Can the Stardust Dragon come back from graveyard if it uses his effect ?(e.g. the opponent use Bottomless when the Starlight Road resolves, and I use Stardust's effect.) I was wondering about this because he is not properly Synchro summoned.

  9. @ anon : GB sets 5 once in a while. Trap heavy decks set 5 most of the time. Chain Burn must set 5. I can go on...

    @ edward : good question, I wanna know as well

  10. @ edward: It can.

    I would just play Heavy Storm most of the time.

    If you use it later, I don't really see any advantage to it. I only see the cons.

  11. To be honest...I haven't the slightest clue. If they do have Starlight Road you'd have to deal with Stardust Dragon.

    If you are playing in a TCG area, they probably have a Dark Bribe (now that it is common) face down.

    Then again...If it isn't a "serious" tournament, I'd say "screw it" and play the damn card. If it eventually screws me over: Oh well...Just roll with the punches and push forward.

  12. Hm well if I was in the 2nd game and was sure they werent playing burn or some super chainable back row heavy deck I'd play storm.
    If not I'd play my standard all draw cards set one monster set one s/t and end.

  13. Re: edward
    No it cannot


    Re: Azn_Moonchild
    Check the rulings before attempting to answer a rulings question

  14. Anonymous said...

    you barely even see people set down 5..

    counter fairys / decks using counter traps / burn / empty jar etc all use or set 4-5 cards - its not that common but it stil does happen ...

    as per the decision yeah i'd go and activate heavy - even if my opponent solemns it or plays dark bribe i'd stillt ake the risk and play it to either let them waste something to negate it or unless my opponent does nothing and lets me destroy his set cards (especially if some of them turn out to be statue of the wicked or something similar...)

  15. Mmm.. starlight road.. if it gets popular its probably time to main deck
    3 x Nobleman of Extermination

  16. If you use Nobleman of Extermination, you're just using a MST/Dust Tornado with minor differences.

    It's spell speed 1, so no cool tricks like End Phase chaining or destroying Black Whirlwind before the advantage has started.

    You also can't prevent your opponent from completely destroying your strategy with Royal Oppression, Skill Drain, Gozen Match, etc.

    In return, you'll have a slight chance to reduce the opponent's chance of drawing another copy of Starlight Road from 20% to 0%.

    Not to mention, the chance that he'll both draw and NEED the second copy of Starlight is probably not more than 5%, depending on what deck you're using yourself.

    Yeah, Nobleman of Extermination sounds like a bad idea.