Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lightning Warrior

I'm seeing a bit too many builds based on this guy, saying its the new DSF, making OTKs left and right.

Its not.

Its too small by itself to cause much damage, and too dependant on conditions of the field.

On top of that its nowhere near as worth it to bring out compared to the other level 7s we still have(Arcanite, Armor Master, BRD, etc).

To make it work, your going to have to buff it with Equip spells.

At least that gives you utility of Powertool Dragon, another level 7.

But doesnt solve the problem of summoning both.


  1. I beg to differ.

    Some decks just aren't able to summon so many Armor Master/Arcanite/BRD easily. Lightning Warrior solves that by becoming an accessable normal Synchro Monster which can be summoned with simply any tuner + any non tuner. That's why its good. Plus , although it might be small , its not far from Armor Master(excluding effect). Finally , the burning also helps , since Lightlords typically have medium to big hands normally

  2. It's a good replacement to Psychic Lifetrancer, to the very least.

  3. Yeah, true enough.

    We need that level 7 archfiend that switches your opponent's ATK/DEF, or something along those lines... heck just being able to get rid of Goyo with a level 7 that's not Black Rose or Armor Master would be fine.

  4. I'd really like a replacement level 7 dark synchro monster. I happen to like sinister sprocket. Don't judge me!!!