Saturday, November 7, 2009

Read your F'ing Rulebook Day.

Hello all.

Recently, it appears that far too many "expereinced" or "vet" players are screwing up the most basic of rules.

So, I ask everyone reading this to, today, take some time out and read up your rulebook again.

Refresh yourself with the basic rules.

No, MST'ing a spell does NOT counter it.

No, I dont care how many regional/national/world tournaments you have gone to/won. Does change the fact that you dont know basic rules.

So, regardless of how good you think/know you are, take some time out, and refresh yourself with the most basic of rules.

Nobody cares that you know how shrink works inside and out. If you dont know that an equip spell targets, READ THE RULES.


  1. I totally agree. The people here who say they know the rules sometimes make stupid notions

  2. "I dont care how many regional/national/world tournaments you have gone to/won. Does change the fact that you dont know basic rules."

    This is probably the best statement I've ever seen.
    I simply hate people saying "because certain player/judge said that". Whoever said that all judges judge correctly?
    Once in a match in Hong Kong, China, Player A summon Shura with a Black Whirlwind on the field. Player B activates Bottomless Trap Hole WITHOUT asking whether Player A would like to use Whirlwind's effect or not. Player A Solemns the BTH, and then the DAMN JUDGE said Whirlwind MISSES its timing. I was beside and simply gave out this: When did the judges start to fail?

  3. nice post rauzes!i really agree on that!

  4. true on the judges part, the judge at our locals ruled that you couldn't use Future Fusion (targeting Five-Headed Dragon) to send 5 dragons to the grave, as they weren't listed by name

  5. If you're bad at Yu-Gi-Oh! like me, you only know the basic rules and don't know any advanced rulings. wwwwwwwww.

  6. The basic rules are the most important ones. Yesterday I saw someone pass up the opportunity to win a game because they thought Brionac couldn't be used at all when Dimensional Fissure was out. They didn't even bother asking a judge.

  7. true - many players i have seen make the simplistic of mistakes / erros and the judge or fellow counterparts always retort - read the damn rulebook - its there for a reason - heck any tourney i atend to besides brushing up on my rulings the night before - during the jourmney to the tourney i always read twice the rulebook i bring with me incase i need to use evidence from it..

    anyway good rant

  8. this is true, i brain controled my opponents monster and book of mooned it thinking ill keep it, but he ended up convinceing me that he gets it back >.>