Friday, November 13, 2009

The Simple Side: Asia Tournament Special Edition

Okey fine I wanted to make this post earlier in the week but MEH.

One of the things that I used to post about back when this blog was young was countering the meta, and building your side and packing fun tech.

Not everyone knows how to build their side.

Since were talking about Asia Tournament here, first we have to go over the "Big" decks.

1. Lightsworn.
2. Graveyard BF
3. Gladiator Beast
4. Metabeat
5. Other Synchro spam based decks(Junk and Debris, Stardust Buster, Powertool Plant, etc)

Lets assume everything else wont be causing so much problems for you, or if they are, also taken care of with.

The trick to siding also lies with each individual card being able to take on not just one but rather two or more decks.

Then, the other thing we need to take into account is to HOW it helps you win.


I have no idea why on earth you people don't pack Malevolent Catastrophe in your side in twos or threes. The only reason I don't for ONE of my decks is because I MAIN two.

Malevolent Catastrophe wrecks. It ravages. Its three more heavy storms and you and your opponents both know that.

Gladiator beasts and some other beatdown form decks might run Trap stun, which makes it a one for one trade.

It singlehandedly takes on Graveyard BF(Oppression), Metabeat, Gladial Beasts, and many other backrow based decks.

That is assuming the lightsworn you come up against dont pack Oppression themselves, and the other synchro spam based decks dont have a need for extra control(Junk and Debris)

Another card you should be looking at is Soul Release.

Yes, this card is more or less solely for lightsworn, but it can also be applied to Graveyard BF for additional stalling.

Okey, Kycoo is also a good choice. It stops Necro Gardna too. Also, unlike Soul Release, it has recursion.


Kycoo stalls.

Soul Release wins.(It stalls much better too.)

One card that Lightsworn run lately to assure their "oh whoops deck out" never happens again is Spirit Burner, a card with the additional fun of helping out Ehren.

Now, if you can hit Spirit Burner with Soul Release, suddenly one of the problems that they think they solved in the deckbuilding stage is suddenly a very, VERY real problem.

Since it also stalls quite well(staving off their OTKs), it simply puts them closer to their decking out problem.

Which brings me to our next point, stalling even more.

Threatening Roar does the double job of staving off an OTK(Graveyard BF, Lightsworn), and holding Gladial Beasts at bay.

Being free chain, it also can, if played well, lead right into the aforementioned Malevolent Catastrophe.

Some say it only gives you ONLY one turn, but I say you should change your thinking.

It gives time. Time + Cards = Solution.

Most of the time in the form of Black Rose Dragon.

For Gladial Beasts, a strong choice against and for is Scrap Iron Scarecrow, BUT it doesnt work quite as well as you might want(Gyzarus, also LS have Lyla and Celestia and JD)

What I havent really assesed as of now much is the Graveyard BF problem.

While Soul release, Threatening Roar, and to an extent Malevolent Catastrophe DO deal with that problem, your going to have to have much much more to follow up, or micro manage REALLY well in early game.

Assuming your deck permits, the only reasonable choice would be Kycoos.

Lightning Vortex, to follow up on their hopeful OTK is also needed.

Thus, THE simple side - Asia Tournament edition, would be
3 Malevolent Catastrophes
3 Soul Release
3 Threatening Roar
2 Kycoo, the Ghost Destroyer
2 Lightning Vortex
2 Empty Slots

These two empty slots should be cards easy to use, whilst serving a purpose. Examples of these would be GB Hunter, Divine Wrath, Karma Cut, etc.

That concludes THE simple side - asia tournament special edition.


  1. Hm in the TCG i think the main reason for people not maining Malovent Catostrophe is that the main decks rely on the back row (Opression, Drain, Chariot). 3 extra Heavy storms would hurt them too much in round 1. Another thing is that Kycoo and Soul Release are both nice vs. Perfect Circle Zombies which is a pretty big deck in the states.

  2. How about Mirror of Oaths against Gladials and, in case you'll encounter them, Plants and Synchro Cat?

    Also, I'd like to know how popular Mystical Refpanel is in the OCG? Isn't it just the best tech that everyone would run in threes at all times? If not, why not?


  3. Because it targets a player only thats why. what decks can it combat ha? only deck that it will be amazing against is burn =.=