Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Absolute Zero X Shining Deck Variants

Long story short, most of these dont work.

Usually, you would think they should fit perfectly, since you can constantly abuse them with Shining.

Balancing Waters and Lights is no problem at all(See: Rauzes.dek)

But what is problematic is summoning both of them.

The deck has a maximum of three Miracle Fusions, the only card that lets you run without losing game turning amounts of advantage.

Yet, as the options increase, so does the importance of single miracle fusion plays.

So just having a Shining in Absolute Zero or Zero in a Shining deck is ok

but when you start trying to put both together, it wont work anymore.


  1. The thread title confused me a little. It made me think that Shining Rebirth now exists and that people use it with Aboslute Zero (which would actually work).