Friday, February 27, 2009

Gaurdian Monarch

This guy is Arsenal Summoner.
Wind, Spellcaster, 1600/1600/Level 4

Effect? Heres where we get broken.
FLIP: Add 1 card that includes "Guardian" in its name from your Deck to your hand.

Hmm. So WHY Is this broken, Rau?
Whats so good about the Gaurdian cards? Whats worth searching out? No really. What you going to bring to your hand? Gaurdian ELMA???
DCK on Steroids.
Its 10 times easier to summon, 20 times better in effect, 30 times easier to search out, and most of all, 100 freaking times easier to get.
NOT a Shounen prize
NOT a goddamn book promo

Core Chimail Gaurdian
The controller of this card sends 1 "Core-Chimair's Steel Core" from their hand to the Graveyard or reveals a Rock-Type from their hand during each of your End Phases. If you don't do either, this card is destroyed. When the effect of an effect monster is activated, you can tribute this card to negate the activation and destroy that monster.

I went ahead and made a deck around using Arsenal Summoner for getting advantage and beating down with Core Chimail Gaurdian.

Gaurdian Monarch!

Gorz, the Emmisary of Darkness

Raiza the Storm MonarchX2
Gaurdian SphinxX2
Caius the Wicked MonarchX3
Cyber Dragon

Core Chimail GaurdianX3
Arsenal SummonerX3
Spirit ReaperX1
Legendary Jujitsu MasterX3

Heavy Storm
Brain Control
Monster Reborn
Soul ExchangeX2
My Body as A SheildX3
Dark CallingX1

Bottomless Trap HoleX3
Mirror Force
Torrential Tribute
Mind CrushX2
Trap Dust Shoot

I might actually make this. Take apart that deck I was making a day before the new list, and make this.

All I need to do is get:
Arsenal SummonerX3
Dust Shoot
Mind CrushX2
My Body as A SheildX3

Some comboes, for those actually going to make this:

Core Chimail Gaurdian is a MASSIVE rock. MASSIVE. that means DARK GAIA with Caius. The 1 Dark Calling in here can be replaced or taken out altogether, but Ill test 1 in this deck, just because its always awesome to have a ridiculously broken topdeck.

Gaurdian Sphinx+Dust Shoot+Mind Crush
Hand Death FTW.

"Juju"X3 + RaizaX2: Major draw lock

Play tips:
Dark gaia is your LAST RESORT. Use it only if you are staring down a 4000 LP opponent with everything else in your graveyard and they have a Judgement Dragoon, an a blatantly set ryko, with you at 300 lp.

Save My Body as a Sheild for CCV. ALWAYS.

Dont rush.

Oh, and this isnt the deck being made from suggestions. Im working on that.


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