Monday, February 2, 2009

New Idea with Guilty.

After playtesting Super Draw Guilty, it turned out like the SDL. it can DRAW and it can DRAW really good. what it CANNOT do is Win. It was nice testing it out though.
I have realized that there is one deck that Guilty control can hold its ground against all odds.
That is metabeat.
Skill Drain + Oppression do NOT affect the Guilty Engine AT ALL(2 Foolish, 3 Falling down, 3 Gilfer).
Heck. If I didnt use DADs and Exodios I wouldnt be affected by Oppression(save reborn).

Fun things:
Steal Honest. Retreive honest. equip Gilfer. Steal Gokuen. Attack with Gokuen. Use Honest.

New project:
Putting Metabeat with Skill Drain Opression.

Big Problem: Skill Drains and Opressions cost a BOMB in OCG.
My backup tournament deck has Skill Drains though.

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