Friday, February 13, 2009

Raging Battle GETS

Today, Raging Battle goes on sale "officially"
Is what I bought today.
In Raging battle, my chase cards:
Power Tool Dragon, preferably Hologram.
Trident Dragion
Core Chimail PowerHand
Core Chimail Drago
Graveyard of Super Ancient Creatures.

Oh my. What booster promos did konami give us THIS TIME???
for CRMS we got a deck box. For Lord of Magician they gave us Magic Counters. For Gold Series they gave us crap.
What did they give us this time?
Then again dont we all shell out cash for peices of cardboard?

Now to opening packs.

First, We open Korean Premium Pack 3. Eah pack was 100 yen/1 USD.
The Good from this:
Remember, total cost was 3 USD.

Well, Terra Firma is just because I need it to use Prisma in my Absolute Zero deck, and I have to return my friend's soon.
I wanted from this: Prisma, Valhalla, Forestman. LaDD was nice, though.

Now for Raging Battle Opening.
Box 1:
The Rare:
Talk about bad pulls. The only saving grace in this box was 1 Power Tool Dragon as Ultra.

The Very Good and the WTF Broken(in no order)

Hopefully this time Ill get good pulls.

Yeah. Level 7 Tuner? Thats the normal rare.
1 Quallat and 1 Anti Reverse, AGAIN
Good: Trident Dragion, for its art, and Graveyard of Super Ancient Creatures.
Oh my god not another Explode Wing Dragon...

So anyhows:
The "Awards" for this new set.

The award for most WTF art!!!
A TIE!!!!
Between Over Dead Line, and Deformer - iPod!!!
Seriously Over Dead line has the most wtf art. I see a zombie form of a feind. NOT a plant
Then again plants=zombies.
Deformer - iPod just screams: "Hi, my name is Konami and I'm Apple's *****."

Lets move on.
Award for awesome artwork.
Goes to:

Trident Dragion!

Seriously thats some awesome looking art. Reminds me of Magic the Gathering.

Well, thats all for today. Now everyone get used to being absolutely raped by Black Feathers.

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