Friday, February 20, 2009

Playing at Konami

Today, I went to Konami Card Game center and met up with some friends and played random people.

When onlooking a game of Meta Dragon(Fail) VS Sea Serpent ZERO, the one playing Meta Dragon was like whining: "This guys always using stuff that Core Chimail Drago wont stop!!!" to me.
I was like: "Dude then your just stupid for making back card choices."

I met a group of Uni students from my local. They were nice. I think they were team dueling as they all ran the exact same Rescue Syncro

I was going to get some Asmodeus, but the Bookstore I usually go to was closed. Will get tommorow and do reviews on the card.

Rescue Syncro VS Guilty/Plant, both March 09 List.
I managed to get "Teh Immortalz Powertool" running and supplying me with constant Snatch Steals for about 3 turns, as you can see, tides were turned. The 8200 of that pic is me. I think I won that duel, despite a blind call on Mark of Rose taking out two Marks.
Twas good Yugioh-ing. Especailly since the actual player was good enough to completely read all my moves, and I could read all of his, something onlookers commented on.
Him: "2 Set"
Me: "Yeah CCV and Summon Preist."
Onlookers: "What how can you tell?"
My turn:
Me:"Draw, attack w/ MagiAnd"
Him: "Open CCV tribute SumoPrei."
Onlookers: "EHHHHHHHH"
Him: "CHAIN! Mind Crash. Declare: Mark of Rose."
Onlookers: "EHHHHHH"(He didnt see my hand yet, at the time.)
It was a really, really good game. This is why I want a video camera.
It was a duel that made you, and others go: "Wow. THIS is why Yugioh is fun."
Yeah kinda like that.

A pic of Rescue Syncro VS Rescue Syncro mirror Match. Kinda a bad shot of the action.
The Chaos Sorcerer is RFPed on the left guy's side. the girl on the right lucksacked DAD and won, IIRC.
Sometime during the day, I went and bought 3 packs. Above are the "Good" pulls.
"Good" because nothing there is really worth anything except Chaos Sorcerer.
Oh. And I played Elysium against Skill Drain Plants. w/ Chalice.
In case you havent realized, Everything in Elysium is TOO SMALL to take down ANYTHING. What makes them good is their effects. Skill Drain Kills the deck. I was running like 4 different feild magics that would destroy plants, so it was kinda anti-anti match.
Bringing back Dandy while Black Garden on the feild=BAD IDEA.
In case you were wondering my hand:
Cyberdark Horn
Cyberdark Keel
Terra Forming
Dark Eruption

Meet the hand that says: "Cyberdarks are Broken". The Set card was Armageddon Knight. Pefect "Game over" situation if it were not for Skill Drain. Top decked into Heavy Storm.

Ill take more pics next time, with better scenes, I promise. Yes, most people were playing March 09 List, already. Sept 08 has too many OTKs.

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