Saturday, February 21, 2009

Playing at Konami #2

I was ridiculously bored today, so I went to konami and played a bit.

I ran up against a Final Countdown deck, using Elysium. There were some moments where I really wanted a side deck. If I had one, I would pack 3 Dust Tornadoes, 1 MST, 3 Twister, and 2 of Each Cyberdark Part, just because against some decks, some are better than the other. And 3 of something like Burial from Diff Dimension. Kycoo=major pain.
Wow. 3 Set bottomless's really help when the only thing the enemy SUMMONS is, well, Nothing, considering he only sets indestrutable monsters.
Game 2:

Him: "I win after 20 Turns"
Me: "Im sorry, your not going to last even ten."
And alas, he didnt. 3000 ATK peircer flying at you every single turn is NOT pretty.

Undead Metabeat VS Lock Burn
Lock burn won. The Undead Metabeat guy is more or less FAIL. Lrn2Yugiohs, whoever was playing that.

I couldnt get more pics, but heres BFeathers VS BFeathers
What BFs are weak to: Indestruable by Battle. Therefore, syncro summon your Armored Wing/Collosal Fighter/Set your Mashmallon ASAP to win. I also think you should pack 2 pots of avarice when playing BF. It helps in the long run.
The guy on the right is a better player in general. He won.

I forsee Black Whirlwind being Semi'd and Gale being Semi'd come sept 09.

Black Feathers VS Crystal Earthbound God
Black Feathers, needless to say, absolutely ran over the earthbound gods.

Not many other pics of my own games.

Memorable Moments:
I have 50 life left, and the enemy has 8000. Nukes feild with JD, and hits Winged Kuriboh.
Next turn:
Does the same thing, hits winged Kuriboh, again.
Me: Cards in deck?
Him: *counts* Nine. Five now. If I dont kill you in 2 more of my turns, I lose.
Me: *Looks at hand of 3 Kuribohs and 1 Winged Kurbioh* Yeah. I agree.

Draw 5: Tounge TwisterX3, Ultimate Offering, Mashmallon. Draw into Caius. Use your imagination.

Oh, and I got 3 Asmoedus today.

Fallen Angel Asmodeus

Cannot be Spec.Summoned from Grave or Deck. 3000/2500. Dark/Fairy. When destroyed, Special summon 2 Tokens, one of which is indestructible by battle, and 1 of which is indestrutible by effects.

Rau's rating:
While this is really good in valhalla beatdown, its ONLY good in valhalla beatdown. Sure, its got a good effect, but the effect has too many requirements, and not being able to be special summoned from the grave can really hurt, especially with Athena schenanigans. Theres no reason to use more than 1, other than Trade in -fueled Valhalla beatdowns. If your using a Valhalla beatdown, use 2 if you have trade in. 1 if you dont.
8/10. Its hard to come by good art for cards these days, but the art is pretty damn good for this card.
Chaos Ring FTW.

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