Wednesday, February 18, 2009

So who reads this blog?

Hello all. First blog post from school but who cares about that right? Later today Ill put up a decklist of my deck for the upcoming banlist. Guilty/Plant March09 will have to wait a bit.

Im just curious where people come from that read this blog. can Everyone comment in the comments section below, as anonymous if you want, and tell me what country you are from.
Dont worry I cannot track you. I dont want to track you even if I did.

So far, thanks to the people whove added me on MSN, I kinda know I have many readers in South East Asia(Indonesia, malaysia, Singapore, Brunei).


  1. I enjoy reading your blog. Im from Colombia, im gonna add you to the msn. Keep writing :)

  2. Hi im from singapore and have my own blog as well!
    I was kinda inspired by your work and those who have yugioh blogs in singapore.

    Qusetion: is it hard to learn jap?

  3. LOL....rauzes should know me....from singapore too~

  4. united states - i enjoy seeing your decks on pojo, they are usually some of the most creative.

  5. Hi Rauzes i read you from Italy, very interesting decks. Ciao ^^

  6. Hi. I'm from malaysia~
    I loved to read your blog as I learned a lot of tactics & decks which i had never thought of.
    keep blogging~
    btw, how do you learn your japanese~

  7. Hey Rauzes.Awesome blog you have,really love the ideas you have.
    I'm from Malaysia btw.

    Keep up the great job.