Monday, February 9, 2009

Videos of Drama performance...

In case you dont know, Im part of the drama club at my school. We have like 3 Drama Rooms but theres only like 1 club.
We performed on friday. Thats why I havent been updating recently.

Ive been watching some of the videos of them today.
My thoughts:
Holy crap do I really talk with such an "epic" voice that all the time?
Holy crap how did we get 400 people watching. All I saw was a blurrr without my glasses.
My thoughts while on stage:
Dont screw up your lines dont screw up your lines

Anyhows. We had 5 plays. I was lead in 2, Jobbed in 1, and directed 1 and wrote the other.

Was fun. Back to wasting time with card games.


  1. Where are you actually from, why were you sent to Japan for schooling, and do you actually speak Japanese?

  2. I am half japanese, but was raised here. I look not japanese, but I actually am.