Sunday, February 8, 2009

Super Draw Gilfer!

Today, I used Super Draw Guilty against my main deck. Its actually faring quite well. A couple of changes for more consistency and its running quite smoothly. Considering both decks have the EXACT same concept(Derp Derp Monarch DAD blow up feild otk), I dont think its a very good indicator, but oh well.

Newest version:

SDG- Super Draw Gilfer

->Monsters / 11+ 10
>2 DAD

>1 Gorz The Emmisary of Darkness
>3 Gaius The Evil Monarch
>1 Raiza The Storm Monarch
>1 Cyber Dragon
>3 Gilfer Demon

>2 Armageddon Knight
>2 Necro Gardna
>1 Sangan
>1 Spirit Reaper
>1 Morphing Pot
>2 Mask of Darkness
>1 Night Asailant

->Magic / 11
>1 Perfect Storm

>2 Dark World Dealings
>3 Allure of Darkness
>1 Monster Reborn
>3 Falling Down

>1 Foolish Burial

->Trap / 8
>3 Reckless Greed

>1 CCV
>3 Goblin Good Housekeeping
>1 Mirror Force

Comments: Mirror Force is a GODDAMN DEAD DRAW. Yell at me for saying this but ever since I started getting Mirror Forces and using them, theyve been total dead draws.
Dark World dealings is good. Though I only have about 6 Things I WANT to use with it.

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