Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ancient Forest.

Yeah, I know that this card isnt out yet, but its a fun card.

Ancient Forest
Field Magics
When this card is activated, all defence positions are turned to ATK position. Flip Effects do not happen at this time. If a monster attacks, it is destroyed at the end of the battle phase.

This works rather well with GBs, since you can choose to tag things out before theyre killed by Ancient Forest.

Too bad it destroys at the END of battle phase. Green baboon would have loved this card if it were not so.

Some questions:

If this card is activated during the battle phase(Demise of the Land), after some monsters have attacked already, are the monsters that have attacked already destroyed at the end of the battle phase?

I might change Elysium to include this instead of Dark city, and replace the Diamond Guys with Transmigration Prophecy and a Cyberdark Horn/Keel/Edge

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