Thursday, January 29, 2009

Plants and Zombies, a Striking similarity.

So, today we shall talk about how Plants and zombies are ridiculously similar to fight. theyre barely different.
They summon tons from the graveyard.
They syncro tons.
They work well with Burial from diff. Dimension(Mark of Rose and Mezuki).
Both are responible for breaking Card of Safe Return.
Both come out of the ground
both form infinite loops THANK YOU BRIONAC(sarcasm).

You get the picture.
Some Ideas:
If zombies go well with Lightsworn, what about plants? Plants need LIGHT to grow, in case you havent realized. Only, in this deck, the LIGHT is a giant 3000/2800 Dragon with feild nuking abilities.

In conclusion, combating Plants should be no problem if your playing a competetive deck. Its no threat if your fighting zombies anyhows.
Example 1:
Enemy special summons his 3rd lonfire and uses priority to summon gigaplant. Chain Demise of the land for necrovalley. You just won.
Example 2:
Enemy just special summoned his 2nd diabolic from deck. Demise of land for necrovalley. enemy goes WTFBBQ.

See? Simple.
More examples:
Enemy has gemini'd gigaplant on feild, and tons of plants in graveyard.
Use release of spirit and RFP all plants. Drop DAD and nuke feild, summon monarch and OTK.
Example 2:
Enemy has 3 Mezuki and 1 Malicious and 1 PSZ in grave. Use Release of spirit and remove from play all of them. Drop DAD and nuke feild, summon monarch and OTK.


In conclusion,
Plants are a fomidible force. But fighting them should not be that differnt from fighting zombies.
Both come out of the ground, Both appear far too green for their own good, Both are non sentinent, both are mass slaughtered in several video games, Both are farmed for food, both desire to consume human brains, Both can play hockey.

CONCLUSION: Plants = Zombies.

Thank you and this concludes todays lecture.

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