Sunday, January 11, 2009

March 1st Banlist Predictions!

Hey. You all are wondering what March 1 Format will be like, so heres my Opinion on it, taking into account EVERYTHING.
This is NOT what I want to play by, but what we WILL play by.
Italics means a perhaps so, perhaps not.

Newly Restricted:
Chaos Sorceror
Magician of Faith
(either one of these two)
Nobleman of Crossout
Card of Safe Return(If its not banned outright)
Burial from a Different Dimension

Call of the Haunted

Newly Semi'd:
D-Hero Diabolic/Malicious

Glaidal Beast Gyzarus

Emergency Teleport

Return from Different Dimension

Newly Unlimited:
Summon Preist
Magic Stone Excavation

Remember what Konami's reasoning for banlists is:
"Money first, then Japan's metagame balance. SUPPLEMENT: TCG can go to hell"
With Gold Series OCG newly out, thats whats the main guiding factor for whats limited/semi'd, hence the no Honest change, and no CCV change.

Whats your opinions on this?

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