Sunday, January 25, 2009

Black Garden Rose Tokens:

Today, I went to tournament of 64, using my monarch, as usual.
Top 4'd. Owned by Angel Control(not counter).
for 3rd place:
Enemy goes first:
Hecatrice for Valhalla, drops Christia, summons and retreives Honest, and sets 3 cards.
I go second, stare a bit at my 6 tribute monsters, and end.
I get owned.
Second game:
Open with a Kuriboh+Krebons+Tounge Twister, and end with 5 cards in hand and a stardust on feild.
Enemy uses Lightning Vortex. I stop it. The enemy Valhallas Christia and beatdowns. Stardust is totally owned.
No special summon = dead Kuriboh Monarch.

I have made a few Rose Tokens for everyone. As usual, Print on good paper, using Microsoft Word/Similar program to resize them to 89.96 mm by 60.85mm.

To expect in the future:
Goat Tokens.
Sheep Tokens.

Which is your favorite/best art for this batch of tokens?
What other kind of tokens do you want to see in the future?


  1. does angel control really make an impact with christia?