Monday, January 5, 2009

The Simple Side Deck - Side Deck for Everything

Now, many people have trouble siding out for things, and making a side deck. So I threw together a side deck for people who cannot build one by themselves. This side deck was put together with cost in mind.

The Simple Side Deck: 15 cards.

2 DDCrow
3 Trap Eater
3 Release of Spirit
2 Manevolent Catastrophe
2 Cloak and Dagger
2 Winged Kuriboh
1 Treeborn Frog

Okey. Lets explain what is for what deck.

DDCrow is VS Undead Syncro. They try to revive, Crow them. Simple. 2 of these due to cost restraints.

Trap Eater.
See an Opression? See Skill Drain? Grab 3 of these from your side deck ready before the duel is even over. This thing, needless to say, OWNS Traps.

Release of Spirit: Taking down Undead syncro.
Now, WHY Rau, would you need 5 RFP cards JUST to take on one deck type?
This is because undead syncro is by far the most deadly/explosive and using the graveyard the most of all decktypes. Thats why. Pull these also for lightsworn.

Manevolent Catastrophe.
VS Gladial Beatsticks. In the OCG, many gladial beast players pack tons of backrow. forcing them to spend half their life on solemn or forcing a draw with Bribe is very nice.

Cloak and Dagger - "I own Stardust Dragon/Buster".
I think I'm one of the first people to notice this, but this thing just owns any /Buster decks out there, singlehandedly. Killing monster reborn is an additional plus. Chain this to buster mode and the enemy is kinda dead meat.

Winged Kuriboh.
This, at 2. Unless you main 2. This kills lightsworn, showing them their fear they try to avoid by killing you fast, decking out. Buying a turn might not mean much, but VS lightsworn it means quite a lot.

Treeborn Frog.
Get the enemy to waste their DDCrow. Simple. Can be 1 more Cloak and Dagger, depending on your fears.

Afraid of Tele-DAD? Afraid of TCG decks? Dont be. You should have plenty of ways of fighting back in your main deck.

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  1. Wow.

    Epic SideDeck man, but wouldn't you rather want something like Drastic Drop Off instead of the 2nd Malevolent catastrophe?